Weston Backcountry Carbon Backwoods Split 21/22

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Weight class 2.5kg - 3.0kg
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Quick overview

The Weston Carbon Backwoods Splitboard is your lightweight powder specific board to extend your mileage while touring. It floats effortlessly in powder, is nimble in tight trees, stiff enough to hold an edge through chatter and crud.The carbon inlays from tip to tail and camber underfoot will give you traction while skinning. This board is advanced. 45 degree Paulownia, aluminum stringers, carbon topsheet. Nothing will hold you back on long days in the backcountry.



  • Directional Multi Radial Camber-Rocker
    A gradual increase from the nose to a more agressive camber radius in the tail. This provides better pop, dampening on drops and control on bigger lines.


  • Split Strike Wood Core
    This is Westons most high-tec and lightweight split-core. Infusing vertical aluminum stringers and lightweight paulownia wood laminated at 45 degrees to further increase strength.

  • Rooted Inserts
    Just like roots help keep a plant grounded, flax reinforcement in areas of the core help increase strength and durability and dampens chatter. Additionally, flax is a sustainable crop and is good for the environment.


  • Carbon Weave
    Multi-axis carbon fiber replaces the fiberglass. This creates a lightweight, yet responsive topsheet.


  • Sintered Electra
    Additives distribute static friction across the base. This creates a more even film of water to glide on. Weston's fastest base. 


  • Lacquer Topsheet
    Tried and true, lacquer is reliable, durable and bonds very well to the core and layup.


  • UHMW PE Sidewalls
    Highly durable sidewall that protects core from impact and increases torsional stability.

  • Stitched Tips
    Westons tip spacers are stitched to the core to provide added durability.

  • Double Edged
    Multi-radial sidecut provides two additional contact points to help maintain better edge control.


  • Karakoram Ultra Clips
    ULTRA clips are the strongest, lowest profile splitboard clips in the world. They deliver unmatched compression between board halves and they are adjustable so you can maintain even compression as your splitboard ages.

  • Split Tech
    Weston doesn't skimp on their splits. You'll see a full inner metal edge, complete with sidewall and dampening tape. When facing a kick-turn on a steep slope, you want all the help you can get - that's why Weston balances their splits so that they are tail heavy.


Weston Backcountry Carbon Backwoods Split 21/22 Sizechart
Size (cm) 152 157 160 163 167
Effective Edge (mm) 1130 1180 1210 1235 1275
Tip Width (mm) 299 308 312 315 324
Waist Width (mm) 250 256 259 262 268
Tail Width (mm) 250 256 259 262 268
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.3 ​/ 6.5 ​/ 7.5 7.5 ​/ 6.7 ​/ 7.8 7.7 ​/ 6.9 ​/ 8 7.8 ​/ 7 ​/ 8.2 8 ​/ 7.2 ​/ 8.4
Stance Setback (mm) 10 10 10 10 10
Stance Range (in) 21 21.5 22 22.5 23
Stance Range (mm) 533 546 559 572 584
Rider Weight (lbs) 105 - 155 135 - 185 150 - 200 165 - 215 190 - 240
Width Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular