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Voile Split Kit (DIY)

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Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

Don't try this at home. Oh wait, .... You should!
The Voile Split Kit is the do-it-yourself-saw-your-old-board-kit. The Voile Split Kit includes all the DIY Voile splitboard hardware and step-by-step instructions to split your old (or perfectly new) board. The included Slider Track is compatible with your regular snowboard bindings. In recent years Voile updated their Kit with for excample, t-nuts, lighter bracket, dual height wires, etc.


Attention! Please Read! This hardware kit is for Sawing Your Old Board. Does NOT mount onto factory-built splitboards that have inserts!

Installation guide

Included: All the hardware you need for making a split from a solid, instruction manual and stickers to make it 'easy'. You should have some tools to do it properly!