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Vans Hi-Country & Hell-Bound 20/21

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Quick overview

A new addition this season, one that Vans has pulled out all the stops for. The Vans Hi-Country & Hell-Bound is an all-mountain and backcountry boot that can even handle the park. The boot has so many options for customisation that you can go off riding the most awesome lines in the backcountry and come back at the end of the day to do a final lap through the park. The boot is Sam Taxwood's pro model. This Vans team rider uses the entire piste, and his pro model is made exactly for that.



The name actually suggests it already: you can patrol the whole mountain with this boot. This is mainly due to the V3 Ultimate Waffle sole placed under the boot. The unique pattern of this sole provides a lot of grip and damping. From the park to the backcountry, this sole will certainly not leave you wanting. The boot features an asymmetrical flex zone that gives your ankles room for a more natural flex. Strapped in or out. The Vans Flex Control System is placed in the tongue, consisting of two tongue stiffeners that allow you to determine the stiffness of your boot. Leave them in for more responsiveness or take them out for a park day. The PowerCuff Strap is also included in the boot, a common feature at Vans. You can wear this strap over your inner boot or the tongue, which allows you to adjust the stiffness of your boot even more.

  • V3Ultimate Sole
  • Flex Control System
  • PowerCuff Strap


The inner boot consists of the luxury V3 liner. This liner is made in combination with The North Face, so you get the best of both worlds. The fast-drying material of The North Face keeps the moisture out and is durable. Vans' UltraCush material is comfortable and lightweight. The back of the liner is fitted with the well-known Vans X-Cage, forcing your heel in place with little room for movement. The footbed in the liner features the V3 PopCush, a sole with the highest level of damping, comfort and pop. The V3 harness covers the ankle in the boot and ensures that the liner stays in place for the highest level of responsiveness. This boot has all the luxury features Vans has introduced to the market.

  • V3 Liner
  • X-Cage
  • V3 Pop Cush


Something unique and new at Vans. This boot is made battle-ready with traditional laces so you can customise it to fit your foot. You get to decide the best pressure distribution for you. The laces are covered with a Waterproof Zipper Shroud to keep moisture out. The D ring at the bottom of the boot is made to hook your trousers on, preventing snow from getting into your boot when you ride through the thickest pow.

  • Traditional Laces
  • Waterproof Zipper Shroud
  • D-ring
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