TOKO Plexi Blade 5mm GS

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Quick overview

The TOKO Plexi Blade 5mm is a premium scraper designed to deliver exceptional wax removal and maintenance for your skis and snowboards. With its 5mm thickness, this scraper offers extra rigidity for efficient and precise scraping. The unique 45° angle on the short side allows for easy removal of klister and GripWax, making it a versatile and essential tool for waxing. Keep your gear in top-notch condition with the TOKO Plexi Blade 5mm, the go-to choice for professional-level wax cleaning and tuning. Elevate your winter sports experience with this high-quality scraper for optimal gliding performance on the slopes.


The TOKO Plexi Blade series offers three options for precise and effective wax scraping. The 3mm version is the standard choice, providing reliable performance for general wax removal. The 4mm version is extra wide, specially designed for snowboards and wide freeride skis, ensuring efficient and effortless scraping. The 5mm version stands out with its 45° angle on the short side, making it ideal for easy removal of klister and GripWax. This stiff scraper guarantees effective wax cleaning and maintenance. Choose the perfect Plexi Blade that suits your needs and elevate your ski and snowboard tuning game with these top-notch scraping tools.


  • Plexi blade 3mm GS: 130*58*3 mm
  • Plexi blade 4mm GS: 220*60*4 mm
  • Plexi blade 5mm GS: 150*53*4 mm