TOKO Edge Tuner Pro

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Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

The TOKO Edge Tuner Pro is a edge sharpener designed to enhance your tuning experience. Its roller bearings guarantee exceptional precision and gentle treatment of the base, ensuring you achieve razor-sharp side edges effortlessly. With angle settings from 85° to 90°, this tool is perfect for tuning different side angles, making it ideal for both recreational and advanced skiers. Whether you're fine-tuning your edges for an upcoming race or just looking for a smooth ride on the slopes, the TOKO Edge Tuner Pro is the tool of choice.


  • Roller bearings for precise and base-friendly guidance of the file
  • New with wider contact surface for safe working
  • With angle settings from 85° to 90°
  • For all types of files and diamond files
  • Including World Cup universal file 80 mm