TOKO Base Angle World Cup 1.0°

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Quick overview

Achieve precision and performance with the TOKO Base Angle World Cup 1.0°. This specialized tool lets you set the ideal 1.0° base angle on your skis, ensuring excellent edge control and smooth turns on the slopes. Whether you're a competitive skier or an avid enthusiast, this base angle tool is an essential part of your tuning kit. Crafted for durability and ease of use, the TOKO Base Angle World Cup 1.0° provides reliable results and helps you enjoy the thrill of skiing with finely tuned edges. Take your ski tuning to a new level of accuracy with this professional-grade base angle tool.


The TOKO Base Angle World Cup has three different versions, each offering a specific angle for customized tuning.

  • The 0.50° file is perfect for creating a razor-sharp edge, providing exceptional grip and control on hard and icy slopes. It's ideal for advanced skiers and racers seeking maximum precision and responsiveness.

  • The 0.75° file strikes a balance between edge grip and smooth turning. It offers versatility and is well-suited for a wide range of snow conditions, making it an excellent choice for recreational skiers looking for a reliable all-around performance.

  • The 1.0° file provides a slightly more forgiving edge angle, suitable for skiers seeking stability and ease of turning. It's particularly beneficial for variable snow conditions and off-piste skiing.

Enjoy the confidence and control that come with finely tuned edges, and take your skiing experience to new heights with this top-quality base angle tool.