Stranda Nallo 22/23

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Profile Directional Rocker-Camber-Rocker
Style Freeride
Shape Directional
Flex Medium

Quick overview

The Stranda Nallo is a directional mountain surfer capable of handling full on carved surf turns in powder, packed or chopped up snow. This is a freedom machine shaped for big mountains! The long and rockered nose has a very smooth transition to a bigger front radius in order to keep the board on top of packed or heavy snow layers and not digging in. The tapered and rockered tail section makes the Nallo really playful. This board is a tool for advanced freeriders with a serious addiction to speed.



  • Low Camber
    The centre of the board is raised 6mm. Camber gives the board it's edge-hold and stability at high speed.

  • Tip and Tail Rocker
    The tip has a bit more rocker than the tail. Both lie within the widest points of the board. This makes the board easy to turn and an easy change of edge.

  • Powdernose
    A powdernose has a significant rocker in the nose. This gives the board float and a more playful character.

  • Taper
    The nose is wider than the tail. This causes the board to sink at the back. This brings the nose up and that's exactly what you want in powder.

  • Setback
    Setback puts you further behind on your board. The weight transfer to the rear reduces fatigue in your back leg when riding powder. In addition, setback helps when carving to compensate for your forward turn initiation.


  • Ash/Poplar/Paulownia Core
    Stranda uses ash wood and a small amount of poplar in their cores. Ash wood is quite flexible and therefore dampens vibrations easily. In addition, the board retains its camber longer. Poplar keeps the weight down. They added Paulownia in the tip of the board. This makes the board lighter in the nose and keeps the swing weight low.


  • Triax Glass
    Fiberglass woven in three directions. This provides torsional stiffness and a better response.

  • Carbon Torsion Rods
    Carbon strips have been added in the core. This gives the board more torsional stiffness and pop.


  • Bamboo Topsheet
    Bamboo is very flexible and can withstand stress well. In addition to the beautiful appearance, the topsheet helps absorb vibrations and gives the board some extra pop.


  • 5920 Electra Base
    A world cup worthy base. If you want to get the most out of it, prepare it well. Slightly softer due to added materials.


  • 4x2 Mounting
    Standard inserts. A multitude of options for mounting your binding. Not suitable for channel bindings.

  • 4 Year Warranty
    Stranda know their boards are well made. That's why they offer a 4-year warranty.

Stranda Nallo 22/23 Sizechart
Size (cm) 177
Effective Edge 1290
Tip Width (mm) 293
Waist Width (mm) 256
Tail Width (mm) 289
Sidecut 11,6
Setback 22
Cent. Stance 57
Stance width 47-63
Weight range kg/lbs 75-110/165-240