Spark R&D Surge Pro 21/22

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More Information
Weight 603 gr.
Weight class less than 600gr
Ride-interface included? No
Interface compatible with Channel? Yes

Quick overview

The Spark R&D Surge Pros is an extreme light and robust splitboardbinding. The Pro is the new and lighter verson of the regular Spark R&D Surge. The Surge Pro is an astonishing 154 grams lighter (per pair) than the regular Surge. This weight reduction is gained by replacing all hardware for aluminium hardware and upgrading the highback to a carbon fiber material. Only the Arc Pro is currently lighter than the Surge Pro. However the weight vs performance ratio of the Surge Pro is currently unrivalled.



The performance comes predominantly from the CNC baseplate, this baseplate is slightly heavier than the baseplate from the Spark R&D Arc. Due to its strength this Surge baseplate allows for a more aggressive rider. The Spark R&D Surge Pro is a real weight watcher. The Carbon reinforced Rip N’ Flip Highback is stiffer and lighter than the regular highback. The bolts and heel loops have been replaced with the ultra-lightweight 7075 aluminium. These parts are an amazing 65% lighter than the stainless steel parts. The new hollowed out pivot pins are made from stainless steel. The hollowing out these pins reduces weight by 33%. The overall characteristics of the Surge Pro are similar to the regular Surge.

  • CNC Baseplate

CNC machined baseplates remain solid for max stiffness and durability.

  • Carbon Highbacks

Carbon reinforced nylon highbacks are more responsive, lighter, and stiffer than our standard glass reinforced highbacks. Injection molding allows for more complex geometry and improved impact strength compared to other methods of carbon fiber construction.

  • Aluminium Heel Loops

7075 aluminum heel loops are thinner and lighter than our standard heel loops while maintaining the required strength.

  • Hollow Pivot Pins

Hollow pivot pins are made with stainless steel and are hollowed out to be 33% lighter than standard pins.



The Arc Pro and Surge Pro are equiped with the Full Pebax Plastic Pillow Line straps. These straps are lighter and thinner than the normal Pillow Line straps. These straps have been 3D-shaped out of a single piece of plastic. This production method makes them extremely durable and more flexible in order to enclose any boot perfectly. The heel riser has been upgraded to the user friendly Whammy Bar. This built in heelriser has small lever pointing out the side, which you can flip with a standard touring pole (with basket). Spark R&D bindings use Burton buckles for all their bindings.

  • Pebax plastics Pillow Line straps

Full Pebax plastics in Pillow Line straps, ladders, and adjusters. Pebax is a premium material most often found in high-end ski boots as it provides consistent stiffness and improved toughness in cold temperatures. It’s also 20% lighter than our standard material.

  • Ladders

Ladders and adjusters produced in-house with unique thermoplastics that maintain flex over a wide temperature range.

  • Burton Buckles

Incorporates Burton’s time-tested bomber buckles.



The Spark R&D Arc uses the Tesla T1 system. This system uses a built in heel riser in the baseplate and the Snap Ramp locking system for switching the interface. The binding is compatible with Voile and Spark R&D pucks

  • Tesla T1 System

Features Tesla T1 System anatomy: built-in climbing wire, 2-position heel rest, newly optimized snap ramps, and aluminum touring brackets.

Spark R&D Men's Bindings Sizechart
Small < 8 < 40 < 25
Medium 8-10.5 40-43.5 25-28
Large 10.5+ 43.5+ 28+