Spark R&D Surge 21/22

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More Information
Weight 680 gr.
Weight class 600gr - 700gr
Ride-interface included? No
Interface compatible with Channel? Yes

Quick overview

The Spark R&D Surge is a strong and robust splitboardbinding. The strong baseplate and the stiff highback make this a very responsive binding that offer stability on high speeds and tracked out terrain. The Surge is not as light as the Arc. But is in the context of its performance definitely lighter than its direct competitors. Hence the Surge is the ideal binding for the experienced splitboarder or the splitboarder that puts riding abilities over.

Important: for a fully functional setup a puck set is required.



The performance comes predominantly from the CNC baseplate, this baseplate is slightly heavier than the baseplate from the Spark R&D Arc. Due to its strength this Surge baseplate allows for a more aggressive rider. The stiffer and more responsive Rip N’ Flip highback is the perfect pick for the splitboarder that is searching for an optimal transition and direct feel. The Spark bindings are equipped with the standard Tesla/T1 aluminium touring bracket. This tried and true bracket is strong, durable and dependable.

  • CNC Baseplate

CNC machined baseplates remain solid for max stiffness and durability.

  • Rip ‘N’ Flip highback

Features a stiffer version of the Rip ‘N’ Flip highback for riders who prefer maximum response.



The Spark R&D Arc and Surge are both equipped with the Pillow Line Straps. These straps have been 3D-shaped out of a single piece of plastic. This production method makes them extremely durable and more flexible in order to enclose any boot perfectly. The heel riser has been upgraded to the user friendly Whammy Bar. This built in heelriser has small lever pointing out the side, which you can flip with a standard touring pole (with basket). Spark R&D bindings use Burton buckles for all their bindings.

  • Pillow Line Straps

Pillow Line straps are lightweight, durable, comfortable, waterproof, one-piece molded construction, and made 100% in-house. Ankle straps are smaller around the boot with a flex window for max agility while maintaining support. Toe straps are designed to be used as a toe cap, but also fit nicely as a traditional strap across the top of the boot.

  • Ladders

Ladders and adjusters produced in-house with unique thermoplastics that maintain flex over a wide temperature range.

  • Whammy Bar

Whammy Bar climbing wire: a single fatty wire with a side arm lever for quick change high-to-low-to stowed.

  • Burton Buckles

Incorporates Burton’s time-tested bomber buckles.


The Spark R&D Arc uses the Tesla T1 system. This system uses a built in heel riser in the baseplate and the Snap Ramp locking system for switching the interface. The binding is compatible with Voile and Spark R&D pucks.

  • Tesla T1 System

Tesla T1 System anatomy: built-in climbing wire, 2-position heel rest, newly optimized snap ramps, and aluminum touring brackets.

Spark R&D Men's Bindings Sizechart
Small < 8 < 40 < 25
Medium 8-10.5 40-43.5 25-28
Large 10.5+ 43.5+ 28+