Spark R&D Arc Pillow Line Straps

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Quick overview

For Spark fans who already have bindings and just want to upgrade, Spark R&D is offering strap sets à la carte so everyone can enjoy the weight savings, performance, and durability.

Arc Pillow Line Straps are lightweight - 46% lighter than their fabric strap predecessors. They are ultradurable, comfortable, waterproof, one-piece molded construction, and made 100% in-house. Strap pillows are thin and flexible for a comfortable, conformed fit, while thicker ribs are held off the boot and provide stiffness for a uniquely responsive ride. The Arc strap footprint is smaller around the boot with a flex window for max agility while maintaining support.



  • Super Light
  • 46% lighter than their fabric strap predecessors. On the skintrack, every gram counts.

  • Durable
  • Can withstand the abuse of touring and riding in the backcountry.

  • Comfortable
  • Thin, flexible pillow faces are the only parts that contact the boot. Thicker ribs and attachment points are held off the boot to maintain comfort. Soft and firm at the same time in a single piece.

  • Completely Waterproof
  • Pillow Line straps will not take on water weight in warm conditions, or freeze when temperatures drop. Snow simply doesn’t stick.

  • Stiff or Flexible
  • Arc ankle straps have a smaller footprint than Surge and feature a flex window for max agility.

  • Solid One-piece Construction
  • No glue, stitching, rivets, or foam to break down over time.


  • 4x ankle strap washers
  • 4x ankle strap screws
  • 4x ankle strap t-nuts


Compatible with all Spark R&D bindings and the Burton Hitchhiker.