When it comes to the profile of a ski or snowboard, it refers to the bend, also known as the pre-tension. If you lay a ski or snowboard on the ground, you'll likely see that it doesn't touch the ground along its entire length. Most skis and snowboards aren't flat but have a bend. The profile indicates the type of bend your ski or snowboard has.

The traditional camber profile

In the traditional camber profile, the center arches upward, while the tip and tail touch the ground. This is the camber profile. Standing on the arch pushes the edges into the snow, providing edge grip. This profile offers grip and stability.

Rocker profile

The rocker profile is the opposite. In this profile, the center touches the snow while the tip and tail arch upward. A fully rocker profile provides a lot of fun in powder snow. It turns easily in all conditions and has a playful and free-spirited character. It feels light on the feet and especially gives a nice surfy feeling in deep powder.

6 ski profiles and 10 snowboard profiles

By combining the camber and rocker profiles, various profiles have emerged for skis and snowboards. Each profile has its own character and is intended for a different purpose.

Ski profiles

The camber profile in skis provides edge grip and stability, ideal for turns on groomed slopes. Rocker, on the other hand, provides easy turning and flotation. Furthermore, pretty much all skis nowadays have a "mini" rocker in the tip, which makes initiating turns easier. By combining the rocker and camber profiles, six ski profiles were created.

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Snowboard profiles

In snowboards, the camber profile not only provides edge grip and stability but also pop. Therefore, you can find this profile not only on the slopes but also in the fun park. Rocker in a snowboard provides easy turning and flotation, giving it a playful character. By combining the two profiles, we now have a total of ten snowboard profiles.

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