Snowcountry snowboard guide

Our guides tell you all about our snowboard related products and what to look out for when purchasing. Questions? Do not hesitate to ask!

  • Adjusting snowboard bindings
    Snowboard Adjusting snowboard bindings
    How you adjust your snowboard bindings depends on what you intend to do and your personal preference. We would like to help you get started and give some tips
  • Buyer's guide: How do I choose the right snowboard?
    Snowboard Buyer's guide: How do I choose the right snowboard?
    If you want to buy a snowboard, you will find a wide range at Snowcountry. No matter who you are or what your riding style is, we have a snowboard that is perfect for you! If you're not exactly sure what you're looking for or need some advice, this buyer's guide will help you choose the right snowboard for you. If you know exactly what you're looking for, use our filters to get a selection of snowboards that match your preferences. What is your riding style? In your quest for the perfect snowboard, we start with your riding style. Do you enjoy being on the slopes, off-piste, or in the fun park? In other words, what is your day on the snowboard like? All-mountain snowboard. As the name suggests, if you're all over the mountain, you have an all-mountain riding style. You visit groomed slopes but like to mix it up with off-piste and the fun park. All-mountain snowboards can be used all over the mountain. Within this category, there is a distinction between snowboards that lean more towards freeride, park, or powder (powder) . Freeride snowboard. If you prefer taking the lift up and going downhill off-piste, you are a true freerider. A freeride snowboard offers a lot of float, stability, and often a larger radius, making it great for various snow conditions. . Freestyle snowboard, also known as park. With freestyle, it is all about style. You enjoy the fun park for jumping and jibbing. Jibbing could mean riding rails or jumping on a box, for example. The shape of a freestyle snowboard is usually twin. More about this later in the article. Within the freestyle category, we distinguish between park and jib styles. With a park board, you enjoy making jumps, so the board is often stiffer and has more pop. For jibbing, the boards are more flexible and generally more forgiving
  • Maintenance of your snowboard or splitboard
    Snowboard Maintenance of your snowboard or splitboard
    In this article we tell you all about maintaining a snowboard or splitboard. Read about the process of waxing, sharpening and general maintenance!
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