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Snowcountry avalanche safety guide

Our guides tell you all about our avalanche safety products and what to look out for when purchasing. Questions? Do not hesitate to ask!

  • Buyer's guide: How to pick the right goggle
    Safety and protection Buyer's guide: How to pick the right goggle
    Looking for the right goggle? In the Snowcountry buyer's guide, you'll find tips to help you find the right goggle for you
  • Buyer's guide: How to pick the right avalanche airbag?
    Safety and protection Buyer's guide: How to pick the right avalanche airbag?
    Looking for an avalanche airbag, but not sure which one? With this buyer's guide, we'd like to help you get started!
  • Flying with an avalanche airbag
    Safety and protection Flying with an avalanche airbag
    Can you fly with an avalanche airbag? Or more specifically, can the cartridge, also known as the cylinder, of the avalanche airbag system go on an airplane? The answer to this question varies depending on the specific avalanche airbag system, the airline, and the location. IATA (International Air Transport Association) guidelines. IATA is an international trade organization for airlines. In their regulations, the following is stated regarding carrying an avalanche rescue backpack on the airplane: With the approval of the airline, an avalanche rescue backpack, one (1) per person, can be transported if it is equipped with a pyrotechnic trigger mechanism containing less than 200 mg net of Div. 1.4S and less than 250 mL of compressed gas in Div. 2.2. The backpack must be packed in such a manner that it cannot be accidentally activated. The airbags within the backpacks must be fitted with pressure relief valves. This indicates that an avalanche airbag is allowed as long as it cannot be accidentally triggered. However, these are just guidelines for airlines, and an airline can always refuse your cartridge and/or avalanche airbag system. Ultimately, each airline has its own regulations. Therefore, make sure to check the rules of the specific airline through their website. Flying with the cartridges of your avalanche backpack. Cartridges are pressurized and are classified as dangerous items. According to IATA rules, one avalanche backpack and one cartridge per person can be carried on the airplane for all destinations except the U.S. Additionally, a cardridge can only be transported if it is: . transported together with the avalanche airbag in the provided avalanche airbag compartment, filled with Class 2.2 gas, packaged in a way that prevents accidental activation. Furthermore, the avalanche airbag system must have a pressure relief valve and airline approval is required
  • Buyer's guide: Choosing the right avalanche beacon
    Safety and protection Buyer's guide: Choosing the right avalanche beacon
    Going off-piste during winter sports? Then good avalanche gear is a must! This includes an avalanche beacon, shovel, probe, and possibly an avalanche backpack. In this article we tell you more about the avalanche beacon. The avalanche beacon helps locate someone who has been buried under the snow by an avalanche. A situation where every second counts!>
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