Mount bindings with Quiver Killer inserts

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Including 21% V.A.T.

Quick overview

Quiver Killers are threaded inserts for ski binding mounting holes that once installed & with the bindings screws exchanged for M5 machine screws, allow the bindings to be removed/reinstalled as often as you like. Just like snowboard bindings.


The inserts are made from non rusting stainless steel & have a closed end to give a water tight seal to the ski's core. The course outer thread grips the ski's core whilst the fine rolled inner thread gives the M5 bindings screws a metal to metal fixing to the ski, all of which combines to give a mount that's over 40% stronger than a conventional binding mount.

Benefits of Quiver Killer inserts are:

Bindings quickly removed & reinstalled with just a no.2 pozi driver 

Switch between Tour- and Alpine bindings on the same skis


1 pair of bindings save cost by sharing bindings across other skis and reduces bulk/weight for travelling.

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