Scott Patrol E1 40L Kit Black / Burnt Orange

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Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

This avalanche backpack is the biggest pack in the Patrol E1 avalanche backpack family. For those epic adventures across the alps or when you simply need more space for more gear, you’ll be covered here.

Two ski carry system options, and snowboard and helmet fixations, there is also a separate compartment for safety equipment. Other features include daisy chains and ice axe straps.



  • Diagonal ski carry system
  • Side compression straps with A-frame ski carry system.
  • Front snowboard fixation
  • Separate front compartment for safety equipment
  • Helmet fixation
  • Stow away ice axe/pole fixation
  • Versatile daisy chain loops
  • Padded hip belt with pocket, gear loop and safety leg loop
  • SOS label with emergency
  • Volume 40L
  • Height: 65cm, Width:29Xcm, Depth: 20cm
  • 1550g Backpack, 1280g Alpride System, Total. 2830g


Alpride E1 Airbag System

This fully electronical avalanche airbag system pushes the boundaries of innovation. Its supercapacitor technology offers a lot of technical advantages and is one of the lightest electronical airbag systems on the market. The E1 Supercapacitor Avalanche Airbag System is the first avalanche airbag that does not use lithium-ion batteries as power supply. Instead it uses a supercapacitor to store energy allowing the E1 system to release its power faster and avoiding the need for heavy batteries.

Low Weight

With a  full system weight of 1280g the E1 system is lighter than any other electronical system on the market.

Cold temperatures do not affect the performance or charge of the supercapacitor.

The supercapacitors are not sensitive to changes in temperature, delivering the same performance at -30 degrees C and +50 degrees C. This saves weight because, unlike batteries, there is no need to boost the supercapacitors to guarantee outstanding performance at low temperatures.

Zero cost user practice

After each inflation you can just fold the airbag an recharge with a USB Cable.


While batteries tend to wear out after repeated charges, the supercapacitors stay strong and are guaranteed for 500,000 charging cycles.

No restrictions for travelling and shipping

The Supercapacitors are considered passive electronic elements so there are no restrictions to travel shipping or storage.

Turbo radial fan

Powered by the supercapacitor it produces a large amount of power and fills the airbag in a short amount of time.

Mechanical trigger

With a mechanical trigger there is no electronic error possible. Trigger can be switched left /right.


The supercapacitor is easily charged with a USB Cable. You can also recharge on the mountain with a power supply of 2 AA batteries, the R1 system will recharge in 40 minutes.

The downside of supercapacitors is that they deteriorate at a faster rate, with the use of the AA batteries you can keep the charge topped off for 2 -3 months.