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Rome Powder Division MT Split 19/20

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  • Rome Powder Division MT Split

Rome Powder Division MT Split 19/20

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Quick Overview

Reach into the quiver and pull one of these out on those deep days that call for something special. We’ve designed three profiles with floatation technology that we tune to how you want to ride powder.

To work with widths and tail shapes, 3D rocker in the nose and positive camber from the mid-body to the tail deliver different performance profiles. Grab an ST for quick, buoyant turns in narrow spaces, strap into a MT for a versatile blend of quick pow turns and power arcs at speed, or drop in with a PT for bold, surfy, high-speed lines. Our new split Powder Division adds a surfy perspective for leg-accessed zones.



  • Powder S 3D

Design: we add our 3d profiling to this powder-s camber. Positive camber in the mid-body and tail is combined with the 3d rocker in the nose.

Defining feel: positive camber in the mid-body and tail to drive power through the middle and end of your turns. 3d rocker in the nose for a round, super surfing initiation to your pow lines.

  • Directional

For those all-mountain and powder riders with a strong freeride perspective, our directional shapes have noses that are longer than tails and flex patterns with more stiffness in the tail. For some of these shapes, we also incorporate taper in the tail so that the nose is wider than the tail. Many times, we match up some of our directional cambers like free-the-ride or powder cambers with these directional shapes. There is nothing twin about the shape of flex of these designs.



  • Pop core matrix

The everyday balance of response and lightness, this go-to design is built primarily of responsive, strong wood, with two zones of a lighter wood species.

  • Turborod technology

Tech that loads up energy and drives targeted response
N our turborod technology, we mill channels in targeted areas of the core and place a sleeve inside the channel. Then we insert a thin rod of carbon inside the sleeve and anchor the carbon rod at the end of the channel closest to the midpoint of the board. This allows the other end of the carbon to flex independently of the sleeve and load up more energy. When the storage of energy is released, it increases power and pop for the board. Some configurations just add longitudinal ollie pop, while some balance longitudinal pop with torisional response, while others focus more on improving the torsional power of a board.



  • Sintertrue base

Baseline sintered speed to drive our mid-range freestyle and freeride boards. Plenty of wax absorption from the sintered structure.



  • Straightbiax carbon laminate

Starting with the jump-and-rail personality of 90 degree fibers, we add in longitudinal strips of to increase ollie pop.



  • SinterStrong Sidewalls

Rome Powder Division Split 18/19 Sizechart
Size (cm) 145 156
Effective Edge (mm) 1110 1210
Waist Width (mm) 262 268
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.1 / 6.4 7.9 / 7.1
Stance Setback (mm) 20 20
Stance Range (in) 16.5 - 24.5 17.1 - 25.25
Stance Range (mm) 42.3 - 62.6 44.3 - 64.6
Width Regular Regular

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