Rome Gang Plank 19/20

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Profile Camber-Hybrid
Shape Twin
Flex Medium
Style Park

Quick overview

Len Jorgensen’s unique approach to riding is a perfect example of the Gang Plank— creativity and fun dominate his approach regardless of where his board takes him. Flat between the feet and rockered in the nose and tail, the Gang Plank has a loose, havefun attitude towards every spot on the mountain.

To balance this freestyle-heavy feel, we inlay bamboo HotRods into the core to give it more pop for carves and ollies. For riders who want a very playful approach to riding the mountain from peak to park, the Gang Plank is choice for the daily driver within the quiver.



  • Freepop rocker

Design: flat camber under foot that extends slightly beyond the bindings. From in front of each binding through the nose and tail we place a rocker profile.

Defining feel: for riders who like to drive response between their feet and have a buttery feel in the nose and tail, this camber line delivers a versatile performance that is primarily playful. The flat camber provides a stable platform for turning, while the rocker adds pressability in the park and float in pow.

  • True twin

Our true twin shapes are perfectly symmetrical. If you cut the board in the dead middle of the board, the nose piece and the tail piece will be identical in shape and flex. If you remove the graphic from a true twin, there is no way to tell the nose from the tail. With their balanced feel and equality toward switch riding, this shape helps drive the personality of our park boards and the more jump-oriented all-mountain freestyle boards.



  • Pop core matrix

The everyday balance of response and lightness, this go-to design is built primarily of responsive, strong wood, with two zones of a lighter wood species.

  • Hotrod technology

Every board needs added pop
We mill channels in the cores of nearly every board we make and integrate thin carbon, glass and bamboo rods for more pop and more power. As with turborod technology, we place hotrods in the boards to deliver power to specific areas.

  • Glasspack impact plates

Kill core compressions
When landing bigger drops to flatish landings or when cranking a ton of heelside power into your board, your bindings can put a lot of force on the core of your board. To help disperse the energy and prevent denting of the core, we lay in thin glasspack impact plates to reduce core compressions by over 2x.



  • Sintertrue base

Baseline sintered speed to drive our mid-range freestyle and freeride boards. Plenty of wax absorption from the sintered structure.



  • Straightbiax laminate

For boards where the focus is on fun and a more mellow feel, pure 90 degree fibers drive the personality.



  • Rebound sidewalls

Rail-specific durability for impacts
Found in rail boards like our artifact series, our rebound sidewalls feature higher elasticity than normal abs sidewall material so you can run laps in the park every day of the season and have a board that takes the beating and comes back for more.

  • Quickrip sidecut

Power at high speeds and easy to handle at slow speeds
To give both response and playfulness to our rocker boards, we created quickrip sidecut to balance the inherently looser feel that rocker provides. You still get the butteryness of rocker, but you also get added power and response when you want it. We integraet two off-set sidecuts that create one sidecut zone in the nose, one between the feet, and one in the tail. The radius of the zones in the nose and tail are the same radius. We don’t blend where these radii meet, but rather deliberately create “bumps” that we call mid-board contact points. These mid-board contact points serve as the end of the running length at slow speeds—this allows the rocker boards to ride between these points at slow speed for easy maneuverability. At higher speeds when you are using the full running length, these mid-board contact points are “bumps” that add edge grip and power.

Rome Gang Plank 18/19 Sizechart
Size (cm) 146 149 152 155 157W 158 160W
Effective Edge (mm) 1120 1150 1180 1210 1130 1240 1260
Tip Width (mm) 284.4 287.2 291 294.8 306.4 297 310
Waist Width (mm) 246 248 251 254 264 255 266
Tail Width (mm) 284.4 287.2 291 294.8 306.4 297 310
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.32 7.59 7.85 8.11 8.08 8.3 8.19
Stance Setback (in) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Stance Range (in) 18.5-23.25 18.5-23.25 19.5-24.25 20.5-25.25 20.5-25.25 20.5-25.25 20.5-25.25
Rider Weight (lbs) 80-145 90-145 105-155 125-185 145-210+ 135-200 165-215+
Width Regular Regular Regular Regular Wide Regular Wide