Quiver Killer

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Quick overview

With Quiverkiller inserts, you can add more versatility to your ski collection. Inserting inserts into the ski for the binding assembly makes bindings removable and interchangeable. This is a huge advantage when travelling with multiple pairs of skis, sharing bindings between skis or sharing a ski with multiple bindings. The possibilities are endless with Quiverkillers!


In this DIY product you will find everything you need to mount Quiverkillers yourself. If you want to outsource the mounting for new skis, take a look at this product.

Installation Kits
Choose between the Quiverkiller DIY Kit or the Pro tool Kit.

The DIY Kit contains: A drill bit and a tap for the hole in the ski. A screw with bolts and Epoxy (2x) to install the insert. And Vibra-Tite for securing binding screws.

The Pro Tool Kit contains the same drill and tap, but offers a professional tool for insert placement. Epoxy and Vibra-Tite are not included.

You have the option to add extras here.

Epoxy is essential for placing the inserts.

Vibra Tite is recommended to prevent the new binding screws from coming loose. For assembly, the 1 ML is sufficient. We recommend the 5ML if you'll be changing bindings regularly.

Calculate the required number of inserts for your binding and ski needs. Inserts can be purchased separately or in multipacks.

Fastener Kits by Binding
Select the screw set for the binding you would like here. Are you interested in ordering multiple sets? Then add the complete product to your shopping cart again. 

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