Primus PrimeTech Pot Set 2.3L

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Quick overview

The Primus PrimeTech Pot Set 2.3L is a set of two 2.3L pots for outdoor cooking, which is enough for 2-5 people. The transparent lid has an integrated strainer and a heat-resistant silicone handle. The set comes with smart gripping tongs. 

  • Weight: 735 g
  • Volume: 2.3L
  • Dimensions: ∅20x13.7 cm


LiTech Pot Set is, as the name implies, the first choice for the traveller who likes to carry light and likes to count the grams before leaving on a trip. Choose to bring one or two of the pots and you can affect the weight even more. The pots are made of hard anodised and high grade aluminum, which gives you a robust set while keeping it at a low weight. Both pots have several layers of non-stick coating to make them as easy as possible both to use and clean. Make sure you do not use metal utensils in pots with a non-stick coating as it can destroy it. The pots can be stored into each other which creates a rattle free unit. The set comes with a lid that has an integrated strainer - ideal when you pour pasta water and it also includes tongs and a storage bag.


  • Two 2.3 liter pots that are easy to pack.
  • Made of hard anodised aluminum.
  • Non-stick coating.
  • Lid with an integrated strainer.
  • Enough for 2-5 people.
  • Comes with tongs and a storage bag.