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Plum Eterlou 23/24

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Weight 1014 gr. (Size M /w interface)
Weight class more than 900gr
Ride-interface included? Yes
Interface compatible with Channel? Yes

Quick overview

The Plum Eterlou is the all-mountain splitboardbinding from Plum. The Eterlou is slightly heavier than its brother the Feyan due to its plastic highback. But is significantly easier to ride and more versatile than the Feyan. So if you are looking for a light splitboardbinding that has the fantastic Plum interface system, the Eterlou is the way to go.


  • Tour interface
  • Ride interface
  • Mounting hardware



Plum’s main USP is its solid but minimalistic Talp system interface. This bindingsystem is among the simplest no-nonsense interface on the current splitboardbinding market. The Aluminium 7075 baseplate is lightweight and complete milled out of a single piece of aluminium. This makes it to a solid and durable baseplate that can withstand all elements and temperatures. The Titanal Heelcup that is mounted to the baseplate is made from compressed aluminium which is strong and rigid but also very light. The Eterlou distinguishes itself from the other bindings by using a fully synthetic highback with padding which is more comfortable and leaves more room for movement. The Eterlou gives a loose and surfy feel during snowboarding in comparison to the Plum Feyan.

  • Titanal Heel Cup
  • Aluminum Base
  • Plastic injected hiback



All Plum splitboardingbindings are equipped with the Now Sieva Ankle Strap. SIEVA stands for Single-Injected EVA which directly describes the main component: EVA. By using EVA the amount of threads, seems and glue is limited to a minimum. Which makes the binding lighter, more durable and more comfortable. The Now Capstrap is a 3D shaped plastic that gives a snug and tight fit around the nose of the boot. On the highback you can find a Walk or Ride Forward Lean Adjuster, this little lever gives the possibility to add our limit the space between the highback and the calve. You can add movement for touring and restrict the amount of movement when descending.

  • NOW straps 

SIEVA ankle strap + capstrap

  • Walk or Ride Forward Lean Adjuster



The Plum Talp system uses 2 slots (brackets) into which you can slide the binding. After the installation you can switch the iconic lever on the side of the baseplate to secure the binding in the interface. With the Heel locking system you can fix the binding at the heel so you can skate when necassery. All Plum bindings are compatible with regular inserts. In order to mount a Plum binding on to a split channel you will be needing the Plum I.M.D. Channel interface.

  • Heel Locking system

  • I.M.A / I.M.D System - 2 parts Included
Plum 23/24 Splitboardbindings Sizechart
M 40 - 42 7.5 - 9 6.5 - 8
L 42 - 47+ 9 - 12+ 8 - 11+