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Accepted Payment methods


Snowcountry offers a wide variety of payment methods to support customers around the world. All payments are handled by our payment provider ICEPAY. This means you payment will be handled in a secure way and via a secure connection. Snowcountry does not store your bank account number or credit card information and is not able to acces it directly for security reasons.

Important: Some country specific methods are not availible for all invoice country's. For instance, iDeal only availible for the Nederlands and Softorbanking only for german customers. During checkout, please select your country first, then the payment method.


Probably the most used method for online payments. Via paypal, you can pay by all major credit cards, via your bank account (major banks) or directly from your paypal account balance. 

Sofortbanking / Direct e-Banking

Payments via sofortbanking are fast and secure. Consumers use a secure payment form to make payments (which is not accessible to you as the merchant), and confirms the payment with a unique transaction code (TAN). The purchase amount is transferred directly to snowcountry, and you receive a real-time confirmation of the payment. This method is only availible to certain country's. In checkout, please select your country first, the payment method afterwards.

Bancontact / Mr Cash

Bancontact/Mister Cash is the payment method that makes it possible in Belgium to pay directly online through the online payment systems of the major Belgian banks.

Wire transfer

Wire transfer allows you to make the payment directly from your own trusted bank environment at the moment you wish. Within europe, transfer´s can be made via the IBAN system.When you select wire transfer, you will receive instructions via email and on your screen to transfer the invoice amount to snowcountry. Wire transfer payments usually take a few days. Packages will be shipped directly when the transfer has arrived on Snowcountry´s account. Transfers without the identifier as mentioned in the instructions can take longer because they have to be manually matched to your order. Orders will be cancelled if no payment has been received 10 days after the order has been placed.


A consortium of all major dutch banks offering easy and secure online payments. Only availible for dutch customers. No credit card is needed. Availible banks: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank and Van Lanschot Bankiers.

Credit cards

Snowcountry accepts many credit cards as shown below. For all credit cards we require 3dsecure authentication. This is for your and our safety, to prevent credit card fraud. All major credit card company´s support 3d secure. Please contact your credit card provider to enable it if it hasn´t been enabled by default. If you cannot pay by creditcard because 3d secure is not enabled, please try again using your credit card via paypal.


With 956 million cardholders, Visa is the most used creditcard worldwide. To use this method, please select 'credit card' in the checkout screen.


With 952 million cardholders, Mastercard is de 2nd  most used creditcard worldwide.  To use this method, please select 'credit card' in the checkout screen.


Maestro is one of the most important debit cards in the EU. The Maestro card is linked to the your bank account, and there must always be a sufficient balance in the account in order to allow payments to be processed. To use this method, please select 'credit card' in the checkout screen.

 Other availible credit cards 


  • Diners club international
  • Nordea bank credit card
  • Carte bleue
  • JCB
  • Laser Debit Card 
  • Carte Si
  • Dankort