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Quick overview

Drift boards combine elements of snowshoes and touring skis into a completely new tool to reach that terrain where you want to leave fresh tracks in the powder. Drift boards are smaller, lighter and more manoeuvrable than skis and faster and more efficient than snowshoes. The boards are so wide that they float on top of the snow. The permanent skins and dual heel risers provide enough grip to walk up in varying terrain. Not a boot, that doesn't fit.


These boards are ideal for snowboarders who want to explore the backcountry. Especially for boarders who want to ride lift-access terrain and do not shy away from walking up for an hour.

  • You can take any type of board from your quiver with you on your trip, exactly for those conditions of the moment. You can ride your specific Powderboard in the perfect conditions. Not tied to that one specific splitboard.
  • In addition, the low weight on your foot and a little more weight on your back makes it more efficient than the other way around.
  • No need for a major outlay on a splitboard and all its accessories.
  • You will finish your transition sooner than your friends with splitboards.
  • Easy to maneuver during your turns up and between the trees.
  • With driftboards you are more likely to reach the limit than with splitboards or touring skis. The width makes your edge grip a bit more difficult. You will notice this on steep, icy terrain and when making traverses.
  • You will have to tie the Driftboards to your backpack while descending. Since this is less than 2.7 kilos, you hardly notice that you have extra weight with you.


  • Glass fiber construction handmade in the USA. (one pair weighs just under 6 lbs.)
  • New polyurethane sidewall
  • Permanent nylon climbing skin
  • Minimalist composite bindings
  • Steep nose ramps and built-in skins for traction and glide
  • Webbing straps with cam lock and folding heel cup
  • Heel riser bars with two height options
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Dimensions 6.75" W x 35" L (171mm W X 89cm L)
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