Out Of Electra

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More Information
Size Large
Lens Shape Cylindrical
Weight 122

Quick overview

The Out Of Electra goggle has the technology that is revolutionizing optics
This goggle automatically compensates the ambient light changes. You enter in a forest? The goggle becomes brighter in few cents of a second!

Light, like you've never seen it
The Out Of Electra lens isn’t just an incredible technology, but also a great goggle carefully designed to offer an unpaired user experience. Along with all the top features Out Of usually offers, The Out Of Electra has an incredibly wide field of view and, thanks to the OTG frame and the LCD’s perfect uniformity, it’s possible to wear glasses underneath it.

Complex, to make your day easier
The Out Of Electra lens is composed by a solar power cell that powers their proprietary chip and a special LCD film. The chip is constantly working to adapt the darkness of the LCD film based on the light conditions.

Forget about changing lenses, rechargeable batteries or any other hassle: The Out Of Electra goggle will take care of you, it is everything you need on the mountain and absolutely nothing less.


  • Out of Electra lens S2/S3
  • Ideal for: From sunny to slightly foggy, variable weather days
  • Hard case included
  • You can wear it over prescription glasses (OTG)
  • Inner silicone grips with fading texture on the strap's inner side
  • Cylindrical lens
  • 50mm strap
  • Optimized fitting
  • Helmet compatible
  • Microfiber pouch included for protection and cleaning
  • 100% UV protection
  • Field of view: 215° horizontal, 5.41 solid Sterads
  • Foam: Hypoallergenic triple density with moisture wicking fleece
  • Double layer anti-fog lens: yes
  • Anti-fog treatment (standard 8 sec.): 77 sec.
  • Dimensions: 184mm x 103mm x 69mm
  • Weight: 122g