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Ortovox Avabag Unit

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Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

The AVABAG is a sensationally compact airbag system. Due to the small size, there is plenty room for other things in your backpack. The activation unit sits inside the venturi, creating a completely closed, robust system that functions without electricity. Dirt, ice and corrosion can all be excluded.


  • Weight: 690g
  • Removable: The AVABAG unit is quick and easy to upgrade and is compatible with all ORTOVOX AVABAG backpacks.
  • Effective: The innovative welding technology used to make the airbag ensures a small pack size while improving its resistance to tearing and leaks.
  • Practise: Releases can be practiced as often as required without an installed cartridge to ensure that the wearer is able to react appropriately in a real situation. The AVABAG system can then be re-activated by using the PRE-TENSION TOOL.