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Ortovox Ascent 22 Avabag Kit

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Quick overview

The Ortovox Ascent 22 Avabag is Ortovox lightest avalanche backpack, it weighs just 830 g and with Avabag system and cartridge only 1780 gram. Made of high-quality, robust and light materials this backpack offers full equipment and excels also on long and challenging ski tours. The integrated Avabag avalanche airbag system is relatively small and lightweight.


With the required volume of only 1.8 liters, the AVABAG avalanche airbag system is both the lightest and smallest airbag system in the world. Another special feature of the AVABAG system is the activation training: you can practice activating it again and again without the cartridge attached, so that you can be well prepared for an emergency situation. One reason for the low weight of the Ascent line is the use of extremely light but abrasion-resistant materials such as 100D Robic Ripstop nylon. But this airbag backpack is not only light it also provides a high level of wear comfort. The foamed 3D back system distributes the weight evenly between the hip fins and the lightly padded shoulder straps. Features such as a circular frontal zipper that provides quick access to your equipment, as well as a diagonal ski attachment, an ice axe holder and a rope fastening, make the backpack what it is: a technical, ultra-lightweight avalanche backpack for challenging ski tours.


  • Weight: 1780 gram
    • Ascent 22: 830 g
    • Avabag: 640 g
    • Cartridge: 310 g (Not included)
  • Snowboard and snowshoe attachment
  • Front compartment
  • Bright Inside: Light colors inside make it easier to find your equipment.
  • D-Skifix: A fast and safe diagonal ski fastener that offers plenty of wear comfort.
  • Compression straps
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Loop for drinking tube on the shoulder strap.
  • Water-resistant thanks to PU-coated material
  • Print (inside) shows you signals for emergencies.
  • Ice axe and hiking pole fastening
  • Removable helmet net
  • Rope attachement
  • Safety leg strap: For the highest possible safety in the event of an avalanche.
  • Key holder
  • Water-resistant thanks to PU-coated material.

The advantages of the AVABAG system at a glance:

  • The lightest and smallest airbag system in the world
  • Activation training without cartridge
  • Handle design optimized for activation: the handle can be gripped with any type of glove, and is suitable for both left and right-handed users
  • Removable and compatible with all Ortovox Avabag backpacks
  • No electronics


Only 1.8L (1800 cm3)
The integrated Avabag avalanche airbag system is relatively small and lightweight.


Smallest airbag compartment
The smallest avalanche motor compartment in the world. The activation unit sits inside the Venturi, creating a completely closed and robust system which functions without electricity.


The innovative welding technology used to make the airbag ensures the smallest pack size at the same time as I'm improving its resistance to tearing and leaks.


The Avabag unit is quick and easy to upgrade and is compatible with all ortovox avabag backpacks.


Avabag. Fully release-optimized thanks to ergonomic grip.


Ergonomic form in 360° design with a non-slip surface enables easiest release with all types of gloves and release grips for both left and right-handed users.


Two length positions guarantee individual adjustability. What's more, the front-facing grip improves ease of access, even in the case of awkward falls.



On the lift the grip can be stored in the zipped compartment on the shoulder strap without compromising comfort.



Burial Despite Airbag
Together with his team of experts, the Canadian avalanche researcher Pascal Haegeli analyzed 106 avalanche accidents that occurred with airbag users. The result was frightening - one in eight avalanche backpack users (12%) did not manage to activate the system during an avalanche. Regular training and our release-optimized grip can help to reduce this number in the future. Releases can be practiced as often as required without an installed cartridge to ensure that the wearer is able to react appropriately in a real situation. The AVABAG system can then be re-activated by using the pre-tension tool.