Niche Crux 10 Year Anniversary 20/21

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Profile Twin Rocker-Camber-Rocker
Style All-Mountain, Park
Shape Directional Twin
Flex Medium

Quick overview

The Crux is an awesome all-mountain twin and your new secret weapon. With a directional twin shape, centered stance and medium flex, it will take your freestyle skills to the next level. The camber dominant profile gives you more pop than you’ll know what to do with, basalt stringers ensure your ride will be stable, smooth, and crazy lightweight. If you’re looking for a snappy, cambered twin companion that can go anywhere from the park to the rest of the mountain, the Crux is the best of all worlds.



  • Camber Dominant Hybrid
    Traditional camber with a flatter mid-section. Provides more stability, tons of pop, and responsive edge control.

  • Versatile All-Mountain Freestyle


  • Supple yet snappy.
    Medium flex pattern. 5 of 10


  • Sustainable Wood Cores
    The forests that our wood cores come from are managed carefully to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of current and future generations. Our wood cores also come from a sustainable source, which means they are replaced by new trees!

  • Basalt Stringer
    Used to replace carbon fiber because of its similar characteristics ...and it’s more eco-friendly! It adds chronic pop and stability and also dampens vibrations.


  • Snappy Sap Bio Resin
    Traditional resins can be extremely toxic to people and the environment. For our snowboards, we partnered with Entropy Resins to create our one-of-a-kind, Snappy Sap™ Bio-Resin. As opposed to traditional epoxies made primarily of petroleum-based materials, Snappy Sap™ Bio-Resin is composed of bio-renewable materials from the industrial waste streams of the paper pulp and bio-fuels industry.

  • Water-Based Inks
    Niche uses non-toxic, solvent-free, water-based inks for printing graphics on all snowboard production.

  • Digi-print Topsheet
    Most snowboard makers cover their topsheets in a thick, toxic lacquer to add shine. This is not only toxic to the environment; it’s unhealthy for people working in the factory. Digi-Print uses a lacquer-free topsheet material that’s also thinner than most snowboard topsheets. This cuts down on excess material and makes your board lighter. We digitally print directly onto the topsheet, cutting up to 60% of the material and 75% of the energy wasted during alternate printing processes.


  • Sintered Base
    Fast, strong and smooth - like a good whiskey.


  • Traction Bumps
    The wavy edge of Traction Bumps add contact points to your edges to give your board more edge control and stability, especially in icy conditions. It works like the serrated edge of a knife, and adds extra bite and grip, and max carving power to your ride.

  • Recycled Materials
    Niche uses recycled materials in many components of our snowboard design and production.

Niche Crux 20/21 Sizechart
Size 150 153 156 159
Effective Edge (mm) 1144 1174 1204 1230
Radius (m) 7.4 7.5 7.7 7.8
Waist Width (mm) 250 252 254 256
Tip Width (mm) 293 296 299 303
Tail Width (mm) 293 296 299 303
Stance Width (cm) 56 56 56 56
Setback (mm) 00 00 00 00