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Mizu 360 Straw Lid + Everyday Filter


Quick overview

Combination of a Mizu Straw Lid and the Mizu Everyday Filter. On the bottom of the Straw lid you can install the Adventure Filter. If you have already a Wide Mouth bottle of Mizu you can add this and don't buy a new one. The Adventure Filter is only compatible with the Mizu Straw Lid. And is compatible for this bottles of Mizu: M9, V5 ,V7, V12 and V20.



  • 99.99% of harmful contaminants
  • 12 pleats of filtration clean up any funky municipal water, giving you that clean water taste without the plastic waste
  • Lifespan of 150-250L water
  • Just one 360 Everyday Filter can replace the use of 300 plastic water bottles.
  • No waiting. Water is filtered as you sip. The Mizu 360 Everyday Filter's high flow rates are designed for easy drinking throughout your day.
  • Water will simply stop flowing when the filter is ready to be replaced. 
  • Filtering of tap water


Straw Lid:

  • Wide Mouth
  • Black