Majesty Supernova Freetour set

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Quick overview

A high-performance free touring set for demanding users.


The Majesty Supernova is a lightweight free-touring ski. The Supernova offers a light but wide platform for control in the most difficult conditions. The ski has a light wooden core with carbon reinforcements. The flat tail provides excellent control in the steep terrain, and the tip rocker ensures ski comfort in the trickiest snow.

This Majesty elaboration of the famous ATK R12 binding offers exceptional skiing performance in this low weight class.
The Majesty R12 is a light touring ski binding that delivers performance in any downhill run. The combination of being light and offering excellent ski performance makes this a perfect binding for tours that involve a good deal of uphill or downhill.

The Majesty Hybrid skins offer a great mix between performance and ease of use.
The hybrid adhesive technology from Contour holds the skin firm and secure even at low temperatures while it can effortlessly be pulled off. These skins are made of a mohair blend providing a good balance between grip and glide.

161cm 169cm 177cm 185cm

These optional ski crampons will help you get up the steep and icy slopes when skins cannot provide enough traction.

The optionally added 3 piece touring ski poles offer great adjustability and are great for ski alpinism and technical tours.