Lib tech Travis Rice Orca Split 22/23

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Weight class 3.0kg - 3.5kg
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Quick overview

Your favorite fish has just been filleted in a backcountry tool. The Lib Tech Orca Split has a long rocked nose and wide waist ensure effortless turns in fresh snow. With the "whale tail technology" you can maneuver nimbly in steep and technical terrain. The Split Construction consists mainly of light Paulownia wood and a sintered base. For boarders who tour to show of their freestyle abilities in the backcountry.



  • C2X
    Similar to C2, but with more rocker between the feet and a more aggressive camber under the feet. More float and ease of turning and yet a snappy feel and sufficient edge grip. More pressure on the tip and tail means more stability, pop and control.

  • Thin Tip and Tails
    A thinner tip and tail, which results in a lower swing rate and less weight in your board.


  • Splitboard Construction
    Splitboard Construction is made for going into the backcountry. This core had to be light and strong. The core consists of: 95% Paulownia and 5% Aspen. Two layers of tri-ax fiberglass with a basalt webbing provide the torsional stiffness and cushioning when you're not in hip-deep powder. A core you can rely on on the way down in varying terrain, but also light enough for touring.


  • Tri-ax/Bi-ax Fiberglass Combo
    A perfect mix of Tri-Ax over Bi-Ax, these are carbon stringers that further affect and improve torsional stiffness and pop.


  • Eco Sublimated Bio-Plastic Beans Top
    Lib Tech aims to be the greenest snowboard brand. Bioplastic is made from castor beans, also known as miracle beans. This eco-friendly material is very lightweight as well as scratch-resistant and water and snow repellent.


  • Sintered Knife Cut Base
    This is Lib Tech's sintered base. This base is fast, durable and absorbent. Like other sintered bases, the wax absorbs quickly and improves the glide.


  • Magne-traction
    Lib Tech is the inventor of Magne-Traction. Magne-Traction is a slight wave in the steel edge. Like a serrated knife that cuts through bread, Magne-Traction cuts in the snow. This gives the board extra grip on icy and hard conditions. When the conditions become softer, this causes a loss of speed.

  • Birch Internal Sidewall
    The internal sidewalls are reinforced with Birch. This gives you a better response and more control. In addition, the chance of a 'fatal' impact on your steel side is reduced.

  • UHMW Sintered Sidewall
    Very strong, waterproof and light sidewall that bends well with the flex of your board. No environmentally unfriendly ABS!

  • UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection
    It is mainly the tip and tail that are damaged while using your board. By using UHMWPE in the tip and tail you prevent this damage and possible delamination. The steel edge of Lib tech boards therefore does not extend beyond the contact points.


  • Karakoram Ultra Clips
    ULTRA clips are the strongest, lowest profilesplitboard clips in the world. They deliver unmatched compression between board halves and they are adjustable so you can maintain even compression as your splitboard ages.


  • Handcrafted
    Handcrafted in the USA near Canada! These snowboards are handmade and tested in the Mervin factory in America.

Lib Tech Orca Split 22/23 Sizechart
Size (cm) 150 153 156 159
Effective Edge (mm) 1070 1100 1130 1150
Tip Width (mm) 305 305 308 311
Waist Width (mm) 260 263 265 267
Tail Width (mm) 296 296 301 302
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.5 8.0 8.0 8.0
Stance Setback (in) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Stance Range (in) 17.5 - 22.5 17 - 24 17 - 24 17 - 24
Width Regular Regular Regular Regular