Kohla Alpinist Splitboard

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Quick overview

The Kohla Alpinist Splitboard skins are high-performing climbing skins for high peaks and low temperatures. The 100% mohair skin offers great grip on cold and dry snow and the Kohla Smart Glue keeps the skins sticked to your board even at the lowest temperatures.


100% Mohair
100% Mohair skins provide excellent gliding performance and good grip in dry and colder snow.

Kohla Fiber Seal Technology
The by Kohla newly developed support material improves the overall durability of the skins. The material is a waterproof layer between the gliding surface and glue, protecting the glue and ensuring its longlivety. The Fibre Seal Layer also has great form stability which improves the durability of the skins when packed and stored.

Smart Glue
The Kohla Smart Glue is durable, long-lasting and ensures easy handling. The glue sticks perfectly to the base but is also easy to remove.

Kohla Multifit Splitboard skins are suitable for the most common board shapes. They are fully customizable, which is easily done with the included hardware and trimming tools.

  • Lenght 150-177 cm.
  • Template and hardware included.
  • Comes with elastic straps and Kohla Butterfly Clips.