Karakoram Prime X-Carbon W 18/19

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Weight 595
Weight class less than 600gr
Ride-interface included? Yes
Interface compatible with Channel? No

Quick overview

The Karakoram Prime Carbon X-W is the best women’s splitboardbinding on the market. The Carbon X W is a stiff and responsive splitboardbinding that is suited for the experienced woman splitboarder. The 100% carbon highback lets you hike up any hill almost effortlessly and makes you race down with a smile on your face. The Carbon W is the same binding as the Karakoram X-Carbon (men), but with different colours and smaller sizing.



The Karakoram Prime X-Carbon W is equipped with the unique Prime X baseplate. Normal splitboard baseplates are normally constructed by a straight sidewall that’s bolted onto a baseplate. However the Prime X baseplate bends around the edges at the 4 corners of the binding. Making this baseplate unbelievably responsive and adds maximum control. The baseplate is constructed out of a combination of High Strength Alloy Aluminium and Stainless steel. All 18/19 Connect bindings are equipped with an Open Chassis, from which all excess material has been removed. Apart from saving a significant amount of weight it allows the binding to flex more natural below the foot. The Carbon highback is handmade out of a 100% carbon fiber. Because of this the highback is stronger and lighter than any other splitboard highback.

  • Open Chasis

Maintains board’s natural flex

  • Construction Materials 

Carbon Fiber, Titanium, High Strength Alloy Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Dupont Zytel



This binding has an Air Form Ankle strap and Air Form Toe strap. These straps are the best lightweight performance straps from Karakoram. The straps are made out of one single piece of plastic. The major cut-outs in the straps save weight and make for a tight and responsive fit around the boots.

  • Full EVA Footbed with dual damping

  • Air-Form Ankle + Toe straps

The AirForm ankle strap conforms to your boot with independent compression pods, eliminating pressure points and allowing for pinch point free flex. Keep your feet happy and boots snug in your bindings while touring and riding. Made from Dupont Hytrel, the AirForm straps when paired will shave weight and save your feet.



The Karakoram interface works by lifting and lowering the iconic lever at the heelcup. The lever releases and locks the binding to the interface. The crazy simple forward lean adjuster is built to easily adjust to 3 different degree angles. The gives you more options for touring and enhances your overall touring comfort. Alle Karakoram Prime bindings come with the Prime Prime 2.0 interface (only at Snowcountry) and are completely user ready.

  • Power-Link

Getting your binding in and out of ride mode has never been easier than with Power Link – an ergonomic activation lever that allows you to remove your binding or engage with one simple and fluid motion. Pull up to lock, push down to unlock.

  • Dual Ride-Stride 

Saving energy in the backcountry can be the difference between going for a second lap, going for a longer tour, or going home because you’re wiped out. All Karakoram splitboard bindings come standard with Dual Ride-Stride forward lean. With a -8° forward lean setting, Stride Mode allows you to stride and glide further with every step. New for 18/19, we are adding more functionality with less fumbling: Dual Ride modes allow you to effortlessly switch between railing carves and surfing turns. Drive Mode consists of a preset user-adjustable lean – 0°-22°–, and surf mode is activatable without unstrapping at 11° or 0°). Simply turn and go. Dual Ride-Stride is the fastest and
easiest forward lean adjustment available.

  • Dual-Speed Riser With Heel Lock

Gone are the days of standing before a steep approach struggling to engage your climbing wires with your pole handle. Our all-new Dual-Speed risers allow you to use only your pole basket to quickly engage or adjust on the fly. The wider platform allows for better edge control, and the easy to use Lockdown feature is perfect for skating those long flat sections.

  • Ride Mode 2.0

When you work your tail off to climb up the hill, you want to know that your ride down will be a reward and not a compromise. You want your splitboard to ride just like a regular snowboard.

  • Flex Lock

The Flex Lock can be added to any Karakoram binding, providing the ultimate side hilling leverage. Simply flip the Flex Lock to engage lateral stiffness and flip the lever back to regain lateral flex for ride mode.


  • Prime 2.0 Interface (Ride & Tour)
  • Flex-Lock
 Karakoram Women Bindings 18/19 Sizechart
Small 6 - 7.5 36.5 - 40 24.0 - 25.5
Medium 8 - 11 40.5 - 42.5 26 - 27.5