K2 Canted Channel Pucks

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Quick overview

The K2 (Voilé) Canted Channel Puck Set is all about options. Allowing for quick and easy stance adjustments, these pucks give K2 (Voilé) splitboards with channel mounts a secure and precise fit to +/- 35°, and the 3° canting gives the rider a more comfortable and relaxed ride.


Includes 4 Canted Channel Pucks, 8 M6x15mm Locking Countersunk Screws and Washers, Puck Alignment Guide, and Installation Instructions. 
  • Works with K2 Splitboards using channels, although must have K2 specific T-nuts. 
  • Not for use with DIY Splitboards. 
  • Not for use with Splitboards with standard inserts.
  • Not compatible with Burton splitboards using channels.