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Jones Aviator 15/16

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Jones Aviator 15/16

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Product Passport

Profile Camber
Shape Directional Twin
Flex Stiff
Indication of the ideal terrain in which this board performs best
Park, All-Mountain, Freeride

Quick Overview

The Aviator celebrates its 3rd anniversary and has become firmly established in the Jones line. The Aviator fuses the traditional with the progressive to create a hardcore snowboard that will appeal to aggressive freestyle, freeride an all-mountain riders who want a responsive deck to ride all types of terrain. The Aviator features a full positive camber profile for supreme old school edge hold combined with maximum pop. To ‘loosen’ the board up the contact points are beveled a touch which helps to eliminate the ‘catchy’ feel sometimes present on full camber snowboards. A carbon sheet runs through the Aviator to add stiffness and promote the fast nimble feel that this board is becoming so famous for.

Green: 164
Blue: 158W; 160; 162
Red: 156; 158; 160W
Orange: 152


3D Power Camber
An innovative traditional camber profile tweaked to ofer the insane edge response of camber without the usual hang-ups. The camber radius tapers to flat toward the tips and the base is beveled up one degree at the edges from the contact points of the camber to the ends of the board. The base beveling releases the edges where they like to hook which balances the pop and directional stability of camber with a looser, less-catchy feel.


Wrap Tip Construction
Full wood core to the tip and ABS sidewall completely wraps around tip for added response and durability.


Mellow Magne-traction
Like a serrated knife slicing into the snow, Magne-Traction improves your edge grip by adding multiple contact points along the running length of your board.

“Magne-Traction is a critical feature for rockered boards. Rocker improves glide in mixed conditions, but the decreased edge contact makes it harder to really lock into your turns and hold a solid edge. Magne-Traction is crucial to ofset the edge drift of rocker.” - Jeremy Jones

Progressive Sidecut
At the far ends of the sidecut, the radius is incrementally increased as the edge reaches the contact point. Gradually increasing the side cut radius towards the contact point delivers smoother turn initiation and exit as the edge tracks in and out of the snow with a less abrupt transition.

Blunt nose
“How a board glides in powder, crust, corn or any snow more than an inch deep, is dictated by it’s front contact point and just past it. Next time you are in soft snow watch how much snow comes over the corner of the nose near the contact point. The billowing snow coming out from behind the tip means you are plowing through it which is obviously slowing you down. By adding a blunt nose you get the float benefits of a much longer nose without the ‘snow plow’ rounded tip and it’s extra swing weight.” - Jeremy Jones

Jones Blunt nose


Power Core 2.0
Triple-density full wood core featuring hardwood beech stringers along the edges for substantially increased durability and protection from edge impacts.

Triax Fiberglass
Multi-axis, stitched fiberglass laminate that ofers a precise and responsive ride in any terrain or snow conditions.

Fiberglass Reinforcement
Fiberglass layer improve pop in nose and tail plus increases the longevity of the flex profile. This lightweight layer helps the board perform the same on day 100 as it did on day one - precise and playful.

Sintered 9900 base
Made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) and Carbon. This ultra-fast base is easy to repair thanks to the UHMW-PE.

Film Topsheet
Film topsheets provide the stifness and impact resistance of a normal topsheet while significantly reducing weight by decreasing the thickness of the topsheet material.

Recycled ABS
ABS Plastic is one of the necessary evils of snowboard production. We improve the sustainability of our snowboards by using only recycled plastic.

Stronger edges
We use recycled steel edges made with 35% more steel than a standard edge. These reinforced edges offer a 250% increase in impact resistance compared to standard edges.

Oversized recycled edge
All Jones boards are made with oversized recycled steel edges for added durability and improved production sustainability.

Oneballjay Bio Wax
Jones boards are ready to shred straight out of the shop and are factory waxed with OneBallJay BIO wax.

Factory Tuned
All Jones Snowboards are factory de-tuned at the tip and tail so you can go right from the shop to the mountain.


ModelJones Aviator 2015 - 2016
Nose length (cm) 23.0 23.0 23.7 23.5 23.0 23.0 23.5 24
Running length (cm) 108 112 113 113 116 116 116 119
Tail length(cm) 21.0 21.0 21.7 21.5 21.0 21.0 22.5 22.0
Nose width (cm) 28.8 29.5 29.5 29.9 29.8 30.3 29.8 30.6
Waist width (cm) 24.8 25.3 25.3 25.7 25.4 26.0 25.5 26.2
Tail width(cm) 28.8 29.5 29.5 29.9 29.8 30.3 29.8 30.6
Radius - Sidecut 7.4 7.8 7.8 7.9 8.0 8.2 8.2 8.4
Reference stance (mm) 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600
Setback (mm) 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
Snowboarder weight (kg) 59 - 82 64 - 86 67 - 91 67 - 91 67 - 91 67 - 91 73 - 95 77 - 100+
Snowboarder weight (lbs) 130 - 180 140 - 190 150 - 200 150 - 200 150 - 200 150 - 200 160 - 210 170 - 220+


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