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Jetboil MicroMo Carbon


Quick overview

The MicroMo is the lightest regulated system with a compact design for the ultimate cooking experience. The system is easy to pack and unpack without compromising your cooking skills. The MicroMo has protected regulator technology to deliver unsurpassed simmer control and reliable performance in cold weather (down to -6°C).


  • Dimensions (Packed): 10.4 x 15.9 cm
  • Weight: 0.34 kg (excluding fuel stabilizer) 
  • Power: 6000 BTU/h / 1.75 kW
  • Volume: 0.8 Liter
  • Cooking Type: Precision Cook
  • Fuel Regulator: Yes
  • Group Size: 1-2 People
  • Boil Time: 2m 15sec per .5 liter (avg. over life of Jetpower can)
  • Water Boiled: 12 liters per 100 g Jetpower can
  • Ignition Type: Push Button
  • Product Type: System