Houdini Moonwalk Jacket W

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Quick overview

The Houdini Moonwalk jacket is designed to provide warmth and comfort for high pace activities in the mountains. The balance between light, breathable fabrics over back and arms in combination with the weather protective ripstop over your chest and shoulders create a garment that can be worn both as a mid-layer and outer layer. 

The jacket is padded with Primaloft® Gold Active+, the best synthetic insulation on the market with a great warmth-to-weight ratio, high packability and the ability to stay warm even when wet. The face is a combination of two materials: Spinner Ripstop over chest and shoulders is a light, durable fabric that effectively stops the wind. The C9 Ripstop that covers the back and arms is a light, soft and highly breathable fabric that effectively transports excess warmth and moisture away from your body. Protection and breathability just where you need it. That’s the concept of the Moonwalk Jacket.

The Moonwalk Jacket is a highly versatile garment that can be used in many different situations and climates, but the sweet spot is high pace activities in cold weather. Ski touring, mountaineering, cross country skiing, snowshoeing. Wear just a base layer underneath and you have a perfect garment for activities when you want warmth but also need high breathability. It also works as an insulation jacket underneath a shell jacket or winter coat.


Houdini Moonwalk Jacket W