Holmenkol Ergo Easy

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Quick overview

Experience the convenience and simplicity of edge tuning with the Holmenkol Ergo Easy. Designed as a basic version for beginners, this tool provides an easy and effective way to maintain your ski and snowboard edges. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable and precise handling, while the included file allows for efficient sharpening. Whether you're new to edge tuning or prefer a straightforward approach, the Holmenkol Ergo Easy is the perfect choice. Compact and lightweight, it can be easily carried in your ski or snowboard bag, making it ideal for on-the-go tuning. Enhance your edge performance and enjoy a smoother ride with the Holmenkol Ergo Easy.


  • Handy edge sharpener, standard angles of 88° and 89°.
  • Optimal for deburring and grinding ski and snowboard steel edges
  • Fits into your trouser pocket
  • Comes with a high quality 40 mm file