Grangers Performance Wash & Clothing Repel Twin Pack

Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

The Grangers Performance Wash & Clothing Repel Twin Pack consists of a 300ml bottle of Grangers Performance Wash and a 300ml bottle of Grangers Clothing Repel. This pack provides everything you need to keep your waterproof breathable clothing clean and performing like new. Both the cleaner and the proofer come in Granger's new 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) bottle.

Performance Wash, a concentrated wash-in cleaner, ensures your waterproof and technical gear is clean and fresh, keeping you warm and dry for longer. Clothing Repel, also to be used in the washing machine, ensures your gear is protected against the elements. You can use it when you notice water droplets being absorbed by the outer fabric of your hard shell, hampering the breathability of the waterproof membrane or coating underneath. Once reproofed, the water drops bead up on the fabric, and the breathabilty of the waterproof layer is restored. 

With the new, concentrated formula, which doubles the life of the bottle, all you need is half a cap of Grangers Performance Wash, regardless of whether it's soft or hard water, to restore your gear to a like-new appearance! To achieve the optimum in water repellency, we recommend cleaning your gear with Performance Wash before adding any water-repellent treatment.


Performance Wash

  • Powerful cleaning
  • Neutralises odours
  • No residue
  • Performs the same in hard and soft waters
  • Enhances any existing water-repellent finish
  • 100% Recycled bottle
  • Bluesign® approved
  • PFC-free

Clothing Repel

  • Adds durable water-repellency
  • Maximises breathability
  • Restores to like-new performance
  • 100% Recycled bottle
  • Bluesign® approved
  • PFC-free
  • Effective without heat activation
  • Neutral smell