Fix Magnum 21/22

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More Information
Flex Medium/Stiff
Style Park, All-mountain, Freeride
Compatible with Burton Channel Yes
Binding System Straps

Quick overview

The Magnum is FIX their flagship model and team favorite for a reason, made for riders who really like to dial in their set-up and customize the fit. The extruded aluminum heel-cup can be slid in-and-out and provides unparalleled strength and rigidity, while the injected ankle and toe straps provide featherweight performance and stretch over the rider's boot to evenly distribute pressure. The Magnum has everything you could want in a binding and that's why it's the number one choice of the FIX team.



The baseplate is made of Injected Nylon with 18% glass fiber. Adding fiberglass strengthens the bond and improves response. This baseplate has a medium flex and is therefore suitable for all types of terrain.

Just like the baseplates, the highbacks are also made of Injected Nylon with an addition of fiberglass. This highback has 18% fiberglass and has a medium flex. Suitable for whatever comes across.

With the Tool Free Forward Lean Adjuster you can easily adjust the angle of your highback. Slusly conditions, highback straight, fancy carved turns, forward that highback.

The highback can be rotated so that you can adjust it perfectly to your desired angle.


  • Baseplate: Injected Nylon Baseplate
  • Highback: First Shot Nylon with EVA


Fix has a canted EVA footbeds. The tilt allows you to be in a more natural position, which puts less pressure on your joints. The thermoplastic EVA provides the necessary cushioning.

The Urethane Dampening Pad dampens the vibrations of the board. Urethane has an elastic effect and it is precisely this property that makes it suitable for a padding between the binding and the board.

If you are looking for light weight, the Injected straps are a good choice. They stretch when you put them on tension and distribute the given pressure nicely over the boot.


  • Footbed: Canted EVA Footbed with Urethane Dampening Pad
  • Ankle strap: Injected Ankle Strap
  • Toestrap: Injected Toe strap


The aluminum buckles have been tested so extensively that Fix dares to give a lifetime warranty. So don't worry and buckle up.

All Fix disks are suitable for channel boards.

What could be more annoying than loose bindings, with all the associated problems. Fix uses special hardware, Dethgrip. This ensures you do not have a screwdriver in your hand all the time.


  • Hardware: Dethgrip Hardware
  • Buckles: Cast Aluminium Buckles
  • Disk: Channel compatible disk


Fix doesn't paint the large parts of their bindings for several reasons. Of course it is for environmentally friendly reasons. In addition, you do not suffer from scratches. And last but not least: Nylon becomes stronger with age because of the contact with moisture. Paint would prevent this process.

Fix is pretty ​​sure there buckles and baseplate won't brake. That's why they give a lifetime warranty on these parts.

FIX uses no filler material in their bindings, which means stronger bindings and less breakage. They prove this by producing the box that the bindings come in with the filler material.


  • Paint Free Nylon
  • No regrind
  • Lifetime Warranty


US MENS 6 - 8.5 8 - 10.5 10 -13
US WOMENS 7.5 - 10 9 -12 11 +
MONDO 245 - 260 260 - 280 280 - 310
UK 5.5 - 8 7 - 10 9 - 12.5
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