Endeavor Clout 20/21

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More Information
Profile Twin Rocker-Camber-Rocker
Style All-Mountain, Freeride
Shape Directional Twin
Flex Medium/Stiff
Base Type Sintered

Quick overview

The clout is a big mountain freeride dream. Born from rusty Ockenden’s napkin sketch it features an elongated nose and tail for punching through deep landings and choppy slush. Endeavor’s 3d camber profile provides stability and predictability on hard snow whilst giving a surfy feeling and improved float in soft snow. A lightweight core is wrapped in Endeavor’s pre-cured tri-axial fiberglass for torsional rigidity and finished with Endeavor’s smoothride sidewalls to reduce chatter and vibration. The clout utilizes Endeavor’s dual carbon beams with tail v's for unparalleled response, snap and durable strength, continuing the clout's legacy as the go to board for all mountain dominance.



  • 3D Camber
    3D camber combines traditional camber with a 3D shape at the nose and tail. Just like the back of a spoon, this lifts the nose, tail and contact points off the snow to increase versatility and reduce hang ups in soft snow without compromising stability or grip on hard snow.

  • Directional Twin
    Endeavor's directional twin boards feature a classic snowboard shape that can be ridden regular or switch but have a slightly longer nose than tail. These boards perform incredibly well across all terrain with balance and precision.


  • Poplar/Paulownia Woodcore
    A blend of lightweight yet strong woods to provide power, precision and balance with consistent flex characteristics. Lighter yet stronger than Endeavor’s full poplar core, this blend increases response and precision.


  • Birch Reinforcement
    Birch reinforcement in all of Endeavor’s boards increases durability for greater channel retention.

  • Inertia carbon rods
    Three-dimension carbon rods with a variable diameter are tailored to produce specific rates of flex and rebound. Unlike carbon strips that conform to the shape of a boards core and can only flex a long one axis, inertia rods can flex and rebound in any direction for unparalleled rates of response, predictable and consistent flex and durable strength that doesn’t deteriorate overtime.

  • Tri-axial
    Multi-axis, stitched fiberglass laminate provides a stiffer, more responsive flex and Greater torsional rigidity to give the board precision and power in a super stable and versatile package.


  • Durasurf 4001 Sintered
    Durability and speed in a highly absorbent package mean these bases will never slow You down. Lots of tiny pores open up and absorb wax every time you service to give You a superior slide. Durasurf is the hardest snowboard base in the industry, known for its Reliability, strength, and speed. All bases are die cut pigmented base material and are finished by a belt sanding process and factory hot waxed so it can perform right out of the bag.


  • PU with UV lacquer
    Endeavor's topsheets are screen printed or sublimated and coated with a protective uv stabilized Lacquer in either matte or gloss. Other graphic details are added such as clear prints and Graphic screens to give all of Endeavor’s boards the best aesthetic possible.

  • Pre-cure
    All boards include a pre-cured tri-axial top layer of fiberglass. These are solid, high strength laminates consisting of fiberglass prepreg reinforced with high strength epoxy resin and once sanded, provide superior strength and an esthetic finish.

  • The channel
    All boards come with the channel mounting system. The channel is snowboarding’ s ultimate connection allowing for infinite stance options and rapid adjustment. The channel is compatible with all major binding brands so why settle for less?


  • Smooth ride
    Infused urethane sidewalls which reduce vibration and impact, similar to how urethane skateboard wheels create a smooth ride on rough concrete. Dampening the ride, reduces board chatter and leg fatigue and provides the rider with the smoothest ride ever.

  • Rockwell 48 Steel
    Incredibly durable steel edges prevent blow outs and breakage allowing you to ride harder with more confidence.

Endeavor Clout 20/21 Sizechart
Size (cm) 143 146 149 152 154 156 157W 158 160W 162
Effective Edge (mm) 1080 1106 1135 1164 1184 1203 1201 1222 1228 1259
Tip Width (mm) 288 291 292 293 293 294 304 295 306 297
Waist Width (mm) 242 246 247 248 249 249 260 250 261 251
Tail Width (mm) 288 291 292 293 293 294 304 295 306 297
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.2 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.45 7.5 7.6 7.6 8.4 7.8
Stance Setback (in) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Stance Range (in) 16 - 21 16 - 21 17 - 23 18 - 24 18 - 24 19 - 25 19 - 25 19 - 25 19 - 25 19 - 25
Width Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular Wide Regular Wide Regular