Dynafit ST Rotation 10

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Ski binding type Dynafit/touring
Ski Boot Sole Compatibility Tech only
Intented Use Touring

Quick overview

The Dynafit ST Rotation 10 is a pin-style tech touring ski binding for lighter skiërs who want to make serious skitours. The package include a rotating toe piece, forward presure, ski brake and easy to use climbing risers. Lightweight and efficiënt touring binding with great skiing performance on the way down.


The Dynafit ST Rotation 10 is a pin-style tech touring ski binding for serious skiing adventures. This is the new version of the well known and appreciated Radical ST 2.0 binding. The rotating toe piece avoids unintended releases and its self-centering system makes stepping in really easy. The forward presure makes shure your skis can flex while keeping the release values constant. This is a lightweight and efficiënt touring binding that also delivers great skiing performance on the way down.

  • Weight: 599g
  • Din: 4-10
  • Adjustable length: +/- 22.5 mm
  • Heel lifter height - 1: 62 mm
  • Heel lifter height - 2: 85 mm

Adjustable Length
This binding features an adjustable rear component, allowing you to shift the heel piece to accommodate different boot sizes. This versatility makes it easy to use the same set of bindings with various footwear, enhancing convenience for users who own multiple pairs of boots or share equipment.

Heel Lifter Height
The binding includes one or more adjustable heel lifter settings, which elevate the rear of the boot. This elevation is beneficial during uphill climbs as it reduces calf strain and enhances forward lean, improving comfort and efficiency when ascending steep slopes.

Rotation Toe Piece
The DYNAFIT patented pivoting toe piece effectively evens out impacts stemming from the dynamics of skiing, thus ensuring that the skis and bindings experience less stress. This design enhances the reliability of the binding's release function and significantly reduces the likelihood of unwanted early releases.

Hub Centering
The "Hub Centering" system featured in all bindings with a rotation toe piece simplifies the alignment process. It allows users to effortlessly position the boot in a neutral stance and securely lock the lever for ascending slopes.

Bayonet Lock
The bayonet lock in the heel unit provides a flawless connection, ensuring robust and direct power transmission from the binding to the ski. This design contributes to a highly responsive and controlled skiing experience.

Easy Lock Brake System
The Easy Lock Brake System includes an automatic locking feature that activates when the bindings are switched to walk mode. This functionality ensures seamless transitions between skiing and walking by securing the brakes automatically, thus simplifying the switch between these two modes.

Step-In Side Towers
The Step-In Side Towers not only facilitate a 30% easier entry into the toe piece but also enhance lateral stability during descents. These towers serve as guiding elements that assist in positioning the boot correctly.

Ice breaker pins
These bindings are equipped with specially designed pins that feature snow displacement notches. These notches help clear away ice and snow buildup, facilitating faster and smoother step-in even in icy conditions. This feature is particularly useful in preventing snow and ice from obstructing the binding mechanism, ensuring reliable functionality.

Forward Pressure
The forward pressure mechanism in the heel unit augments the binding’s capacity to absorb energy during ski flex. This feature improves overall performance by enhancing responsiveness and smoothness in varying snow conditions.