Deuter Astro Pro 800 SL

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More Information
Insulation Down
Comfort temperature -10° / 0°
Weight 1250 - 1500g

Quick overview

The Deuter Astro Pro is an expedition-grade down sleeping bag for alpine adventures with a tent or for sleeping under the stars. The lining stretches up to 25% widthwise, hugging the shape of your body. It gives this bag a spacious feel while trapping warmth inside the bag. A three-dimensional, ergonomic footbox provides superior insulation in the sensitive area around the feet, with plenty of room to move around. All of the Astro Pro bags are bluesign® products and made using only RDS-certified down.

The Deuter Astro Pro 800 SL is the sleeping bag of choice for women who will face sub-zero temperatures for prolonged times.

The SL models are shorter, and the shoulders and feet have a somewhat slimmer cut.
SL models have a higher down-to-volume ratio than the REG models.


Deuter Astro Pro
ModelSizeComfort °C Limit °CExtreme °CInsulationFill WeightWeightUp to bodysizeDimensionsPacked Size
400 Reg 0 °C -6 °C -24 °C   400g 850g 185 205x84x56 10x30cm
  L 0 °C -6 °C -24 °C   450g 950g 200 220x89x56 12x31cm
  SL 0 °C -6 °C -24 °C   400g 800g 175 198x79x53 10x30cm
600 Reg -5 °C -11 °C -31 °C   600g 1050g  185 205x86x57 11x35cm
  L -5 °C -11 °C -31 °C 650+ Grey Duck Down 650g 1150g  200 220x91x60 13x36cm
  SL -5 °C -11 °C -31 °C   600g 1000g  175 198x81x54 11x35cm
800 Reg -7 °C -14 °C -35 °C   800g 1300g  185 205x87x58 12x39cm
  L -7 °C -14 °C -35 °C   850g 1400g   200 220x92x61 13x40cm
  SL -7 °C -14 °C -35 °C   800g 1250g   175 198x82x55 12x39cm
1000 Reg -12 °C -21 °C -44 °C   1000g 1500g  185 205x88x59 15x37cm
  L -12 °C -21 °C -44 °C   1050g 1600g  200 220x93x62 16x38cm
  SL -12 °C -21 °C -44 °C   1000g 1450g  175 198x83x56 15x37cm


  • Dryzone
  • Ergofoot
  • PowerBox
  • Stretch Comfort System
  • Insulating collar
  • Inner pocket for valuables
  • Storage bag
  • bluesign® product
  • Certified Animal Welfare
  • PFC free
  • SL Women's Fit: Designed for women