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Product Questions

  • Do I still need to sharpen and wax my skis or snowboard after I have received it?

    This is not necessary, skis and snowboards are already sharpened and waxed at the factory. However, the wax is not very durable and we recommend applying or having applied a new wax layer after 2-3 days.

  • Will I get a ski or snowboard bag with my order?

    No, they are not free of charge, but you can of course order them from us separately.

  • Will my ski bindings be mounted?

    If you give us your boot sole length when you order, we will mount your binding for free on the skis. You can enter your sole length in the comment field above the order button at checkout. Read all about mounting ski bindings here.

  • Will my snowboard bindings be mounted?

    No, we do not fit snowboard bindings. The risk of a mounted binding being damaged during transport is too high. Also, mounting is easy and you can choose the correct stance right away.

  • Can I choose the colour of my snowboard base?

    Most snowboards are produced with a flip-flop base. This means that the base can have 2 to 4 different colour schemes to prevent material wastage. If you have a preference for a particular colour scheme, you can indicate this in the comment field that comes with your order. However, we cannot guarantee that we have that specific colour and can deliver it to you.

  • What size ski binding do I need for my ski?

    The size of the ski binding is equal to the width of the brake. Always choose the ski binding size that matches the waist of your ski or select the next size up (up to 10 mm larger). For example, if your ski has a waist width of 89 millimeters, we recommend using a ski binding (brake) with a width of 89 mm. If not available, select the next size up (maximum 99 mm).

    Often, the waist width of your ski can be found in the ski's name. If not, you can find the size at the bottom of the product page for that specific ski.

  • What size of skins do I need?

    It is important to select the right length and width size of climbing skins to fit your skis and give them a good grip. In addition, it is a waste to select a skin that's too wide. That costs more and you end up cutting off a large part of it from the edges anyway.

    Select the desired width:

    1. See how wide the tip of your ski is. This is in the data table on the product page or if you already have skis you can measure it.
    2. Select a skin that covers the entire width or is just a little narrower. The skins must not be wider than your tip and no more than 15 millimetres narrower than the tip of your ski.

    Example: a Salomon QST 99 in length 181 is 138mm wide in the tip. A 140mm wide skin is too wide and a 120mm wide skin is too narrow. The perfect width size would be 130mm.

    Select the desired length:

    1. Climbing skins are adjustable in length using a silicone strap. Each skin is available in a number of lengths.
    2. Select the length of the climbing skin so that the length of your ski falls within the adjustment range.

    Example: Your Salomon QST 99 ski is 181cm long. The Contour Hybrid Mix that would fit would be the 177-184cm.