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  • Quiver Killer Insert Installation

    As the only large freeski shop in Europe, we can drill your skis with Quiver Killer inserts. The advantage of this is that you can use multiple skis with only 1 binding. It is even possible to fit 2 drill patterns so that you can equip your ski with, for example, an alpine binding (DIN) and can alternate with a tech or touring binding.

    This also offers advantages for travel and your wallet, as it makes it much easier to carry more skis and purchase fewer bindings.

    We only fit Quiver Killer inserts into skis that have been ordered from us and are new. The cost is € 179 per drilling pattern with inserts (for 1 pair of skis).

  • Ski binding mounting

    Cost of ski binding mounting

    • If you buy a ski with ski bindings, mounting is free of charge. In order to mount the bindings on the skis, we just need your ski boot sole size in millimetres. You can enter your sole length in the comment field above the order button at checkout.
    • If you buy the skis from us and the bindings somewhere else (or vice versa) and you want us to assemble the bindings, then you pay € 40. You can make an appointment for this via our customer service department.
    • If you have bought both the skis and bindings somewhere else but you would like us to mount the bindings then this costs € 80. You can make an appointment with our customer service department.

    Skischoen zoollengte aflezen

    How we mount your bindings

    1. We always measure the factory-specified mounting point. The mounting indication is sometimes printed on the top sheet and this can shift in the factory during the printing process. By measuring it ourselves we can make sure the drill holes are in the rigth place.
    2. We only use the official drilling patterns put down by the binding manufacturers. We have almost all the moulds and can therefore mount all the bindings very precisely.
    3. After drilling, we fill the holes with special binding adhesive to ensure that no moisture can get into the core via the boreholes after assembly. This glue also gives the screws a little more grip
    4. We provide a well-fitted stopper with the right width. This is important to prevent the stopper from getting stuck behind the steel edges (too narrow) or from getting in the way when skiing (too wide).
    5. We tighten the bindings and check everything manually.
    6. We do a final inspection to see if everything is in place and working properly.

    Special mounting instructions
    We mount all our skis as standard at the recommended assembly point. If you want to deviate from this, please mention it in the comments field. If you would like further advice on mounting bindings, please contact our customer service department. 

    Adjustment and DIN

    Caution! If you buy a ski from us and we fit the bindings, it will be mounted on the boot sole length of your boot (we only assemble based on the information you have provided). The ski is not adjusted to individual needs and ski boot as we do not have your ski boot to allow fine tuning. Visual inspection of the boot is also not possible. This means that the ski is not ready to use. We recommend you to have the binding adjusted in a local ski shop. Of course, you can also do the fine-tuning yourself. We are not responsible for the correct adjustment of your bindings.

    If you need more information, you can always contact our customer service.

    Ski bindings and the United States and Canada

    If you order skis and bindings from the U.S. or Canada, we will not be able to mount the bindings for you due to liability. Of course you can still order these products, they will just be delivered unmounted.

  • Custom climbing skins

    If you order climbing skins with skis and tour bindings from us in one set, we will cut the climbing skins to size for you. If you don't want this, please mention it in the comments field above the order button.
    Please note, we do not cut skins to size for US and Canada orders.

  • Changing ABS, Mammut, Ortovox, BCA or Arva cylinders

    If you have purchased an ABS, Mammut, Ortovox, BCA or Arva avalanche airbag from us, you can exchange the cylinder and ABS activation trigger for a new one for a small fee. Make an appointment with our customer service department to arrange an exchange.

  • Gift Card

    With the Snowcountry Gift Carde, you'll always get the first chair to a great gift! The gift card is available in various values and will be sent to you as a beautiful card. Read all about our gift certificate here.

  • Do you also do......?

    We are regularly asked whether we offer certain services. Unfortunately we do not offer the following services:

    Ski and snowboard rental
    Avalanche beacon and avalanche airbag rental
    Ski and snowboard maintenance, but we do have a wide selection of maintenance materials so you can keep your own stuff in top condition.
    Skiing and snowboarding equipment for children.