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BCA Tracker 3

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Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

The simplest avalanche beacon has become 20% smaller and lighter than the Tracker 2. The 2-digit display, and with it the simplicity and user-friendliness of the BCA Tracker 3, has been retained. Because of this ease of use, but also the precision and the search speed, everyone can handle it in stressful situations. An important addition of the BCA Tracker 3 is the partial support for multi-burial.


  • Range: 50m
  • Weight: 215g
  • Dimensions: 115 x 71 x 24mm
  • Battery life: at least 200 hours in Send mode + 1 hour in Search mode. 3 AAA batteries
  • Sleek design, comfortable to wear
  • Rotary knob for position on the top of the device
  • Only 1 other button present, no confusion possible
  • spike handling
  • Special mode button, useful for the experienced user. This makes the fine search a lot more precise
  • Big picture mode
  • Partial Multi burial support
  • Switch to transmit
  • The BCA Tracker 3 has a mini USB connection, so you can update the firmware yourself
  • Silent mode, convenient for exercise
  • Standard 5 year warranty at BCA

Spike handling: Transmitting a signal from a beeper is done with flux lines. These lines can cause a searching beeper to misjudge a victim's location. This has to do with the places where the signal is received the strongest. Due to the flux lines, the signal can be stronger in places where it does not come from, the searching beeper can experience this as misleading and thus give a wrong position. These spots with strongest signals are the spikes. Spike handling ensures that the searching beeper handles these spikes properly, always giving an accurate and accurate location of the victim.

Big picture mode: This mode is activated by holding down the Options button. In this mode, all directions of all incoming signals are displayed simultaneously. this mode is better known as "scan mode".

Partial Multi burial support: Multi burial support is used when searching for multiple victims. This beeper can suppress signals. When 1 victim has been found, you can suppress the beeper's signal, and continue searching for the next victim. This beeper supports this to such an extent that suppression takes only 1 minute, after which it must be reactivated. BCA has deliberately chosen this because research has shown that it is very difficult for an avalanche beacon to differentiate different signals. This can give a less reliable result.

Switch to transmit: During the search for one or more victims, a second avalanche may occur. Alt protection for this is in many beepers this functionality. While in Search mode, if the beeper does not move for a certain amount of time, it automatically switches to Send mode. This way you can also be found if you end up under an avalanche while searching.