BCA Dozer 1T Blue

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Quick overview

The BCA Dozer 1T Blue is the updated version of BCA’s former B-1 EXT shovel, which is one of the best selling avalanche shovel worldwide.

The new ovo-concave shaft, low-profile stompable blades and cored-out handles make BCA shovels stronger, lighter, and more packable than ever before. The nonround shaft prevents breakage while prying. The oval design and added a concave radius on both sides is to make it even stronger, without adding weight. Tightly toleranced “variable offset” sliding surfaces between the inner and outer walls of the extendable shaft prevent ice buildup, for reliable deployment.

In hard-slab avalanches and deep burials, avalanche debris can be difficult to penetrate. With the flat “stomp edge” on the top of the blade—and heat-treated 6061 aluminum--you can penetrate just about anything by adding body weight. Auto-engaging spring pins at the blade/shaft connection make for faster, hands-free assembly/deployment.

BCA shovel blades lay flat in your pack with no protruding ferrule or “neck,” leaving more room for  other backcountry essentials. The front third of all blades offers a smooth surface for clean snowpit walls during snow stability tests.

All BCA extendable models are designed to meet the UIAA standard for avalanche rescue shovels.


  • Weight                                                     1.2 lb / 545 g
  • Blade dimensions                                    9” x 10.5” / 23 cm x 27 cm
  • Compressed handle & shaft length         5.25” / 38.7 cm
  • Extended handle & shaft length              23,25" / 59 cm
  • Assembled compressed length               23.25” / 59 cm
  • Assembled extended                               30” / 76 cm