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Arva Neo (DEMO)

Special Price €215.00 Regular Price €289.95

Quick overview

This Arva Neo (DEMO) is in an opened box and used for in-store demonstrations, Batteries NOT included!

High performance combined with simple operation. Equal performance on the primary and secondary antennas gives the Arva Neo an impressive 60m search range. A timer automatically switches search mode to transmit mode in the event of a secondary avalanche (post-avalanche).


The quality of this Beacon is clearly in the simplicity of the operation, yet the quality of the performance. The device is extremely easy to use, and easy to operate with gloves on.


  • Very easy to use
  • A small menu is provided, this is easy to operate with the only button on the device
  • Innovative on/off button using the result harness
  • Handy slider to switch between Search and Send
  • Multiple Burial Support, this is very simple and effective
  • Spike treatment
  • Switch to send
  • Distinctive large range in this price range: 60m
  • Weight: 350g
  • Dimensions: 121 x 73 x 30mm
  • Battery life: 250 hours, 4 AAA batteries

Spike treatment
The transmission of a signal from a beacon is done with flux lines. These lines can cause a searching pager to misjudge a victim's location. This has to do with the places where the signal is received the strongest. Due to the flux lines, the signal can be stronger in places where it does not come from, the signals can give this as misleading. This information related to the Spikes. Spike handling ensures that the seeking beeper handles this accurate and precise location of the victim.

Multiple Burial Support
Support for multiple burials used when searching multiple is shown. This beacon can suppress. When 1 victim is found, you can suppress the beacons signal and continue searching for the next victim.

Flag button
This button can be found in many avalanche transceivers on the market. This button is used as soon as a victim is found, when searching for multiple messages. When you have found the victim, press this button, and it will be marked with a flag. The beeper will then suppress the beeper's signal and navigate you to the next victim.

Switch to send
While searching for one of several, it is possible that a second avalanche will come. Alt protection for this is in many pagers this functionality. If the beacon, moved in Search mode, does not move for a certain amount of time, it will automatically switch to Send mode. This way you can also be found yourself if you end up under an avalanche while searching.