Arva EVO5

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Including V.A.T.

Quick overview

A small avalanche beacon with great performance.

The Arva Evo5 is a performance avalanche transceiver in a small format. It has a search bandwidth of 50 m, group control, highlighting function and automatic rollback function. The Arva Evo5 fits in your pocket.


Search strip width
50 meters.

Backlight and modulated beep guide you to the graveyard.

Self control
At each start, the Evo5 performs a self-check.

Group control
The Evo5 monitors transmission frequencies and power.

Automatic restore
During the search, in case of a secondary avalanche, the 'Return to Transmit' function causes the device to automatically switch back to transmit mode. This switch is activated by a timer after a certain period of user inactivity.

Malfunction control
The performance of the Evo5 is optimized in case of electromagnetic interference. To achieve this, in search mode the device automatically reduces bandwidth and ignores all other frequencies to focus solely on the beacon being tracked.

Carrying options
The EVO5 comes with a carrying strap and a belt for slipping the device into a pocket while maintaining a secure fit around the waist.