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Arva Axio

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Quick overview

Dedicated to the most exigent users, the AXIO is the high-end beacon of the ARVA range. Thanks to the “SPHERIC SEARCH TECHNOLOGY”, the 60 meters bandwidth AXIO is the only beacon on the market processing an entire spherical search with 3 antennas working simultaneously. The 3rd antenna can be deployed to create a real landmark built by the 3 antennas of the beacon.


The “Spheric Search” technology is marking the end of the well know sequence: “big antenna on primary search second antenna on secondary search and 3rd antenna on final search”. Now with the AXIO all 3 antennas are working simultaneously for a faster and smarter route search.


  • transceiver: 457 kHz, international frequency
  • digital and analog
  • simultaneous detection of multiple victims with creation of scrollable list
  • marking function (3 or 5m) for multiple victims situations
  • group check
  • motion detector for automatic switch to transmit mode
  • dynamic interference management
  • operating time: 250+ hours
  • power supply: 3 AAA/ LR03 alkaline batteries
  • frequence meter
  • multiple burried indication
  • U-turn alarm
  • updatable
  • 3D isotech technology