Alpride Cartridge Set

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Quick overview

This Alpride Cartridge set works with both Alpride 1.0 and 2.0 Airbag Systems. This system requires no maintenance, is leak free and the cartridges are strong and reliable. A set is for one time use. After activating the Airbag system you must place a new set of cartridges. These small cartridges can not be refilled, you can simply place a new set.

The Alpride gas cylinders are based on the same technology as lifejacket cartridges used at sea, a proven technology used over 50 years.

Unfortunately we can only ship cartridges within the EU.


  • Set of two small cartridges 
  • 440 grams
  • No maintenance
  • Compatible for all brands using the 1.0 and 2.0 Alpride Airbag system
  • IATA aproved flying
  • No refill, cylinders are disposable
  • Alpride Airbag system partner brands: Scott, Black Diamond, Millet, Pieps, G3, Ferrino, Advenate