ABS s.CAPE Compact Base Unit + s.CAPE 10-14L

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Quick overview

The ABS s.CAPE is smaller and lighter then the well-known s.LIGHT airbagsystem and comes with several innovations. This is an avalanche backpack with an integrated Alpine tour harness made of a high-strength woven loop that eliminates the need for an additional climbing harness for when you might do an abseil / rappel or will cross glaciers. The second new features is the horizontal snowboard carry system. Mounted directly on your back so you can keep your balance and the board will not hit your boots while hiking up steep lines.The new 3D shoulder strap makes the ABS s.CAPE very comfortable. The airbag system itself it the tried and trusted Twin-bag system. The s.CAPE fits the s.CAPE ZipOn aswell as the p.RIDE Compact and s.LIGHT Compact ZipOns.
This is a smart and technical avalanche backpack built with a tried and trusted airbag system at a low weight.


Integrated Alpine tour harness that eliminated the need for an additional climbing harness for when you will do an abseil / rappel or will cross a glacier. This saves weight and adds safety to your kit. Really simply and quick to get in and out of or to stow away when you do not need it. 

The Roll-top design pack makes shure no snow will enter the pack. You can also compress the pack real easy so it will stay small when you do not carry much gear with you. The pack has 10-14 liters of volume andhas two 3D Ultra Stretch mounts on the sidewall for additional material. The easy acces pockets ensure fast access to the conent. The bottom is reinforced with Cordura fabric. The ABS s.CAPE ZipOn fits all Compact Base units.

Two airbags. ABS is well know for their Twin airbag system. In case one airbag fails or is punctured, the other will still inflate and is able to get you on top of an avalanche.

The snowboard mount is directly on your back and holds the board horizontal. This way the board will not hit your feet when you are on a steep hike.